Sender Know, Despite Screensblock: A secret WhatsApp function shortens the screen time.

Germany – hardly anyone does not know: the constant accessibility via WhatsApp. An appointment with a girlfriend, a short chat with the work colleague, a group planning for the next gift. The ways are fast and uncomplicated.

WhatsApp: Secret feature reveals sender – without looking at

However, what is annoying: with all the numerous news that is in the day, you always have to take his smartphone in hand to know if it is important. After all, one usually learns only who wrote when the display was unlocked.

So if you are curious, usually you often have to grab the day to the phone – only to decide that the answer is moved to later. But a simpler like ingenious trick helps to learn even without display unlock who wrote on WhatsApp (more Digital News at WhatsApp).

WhatsApp: Secret function unveiled – Recognition sender without screen locks

Some contacts are simply more important than others. Whether mom and dad, the brother heart, the best friend: to answer them immediately, without keeping the phone constantly in hand, a few features can be made in the settings.

WhatsApp offers its users to assign their own ringtones. But that’s not enough: also the vibration pattern or the color of the illuminated LED light (with Android phones) can be customized to contacts.

Just go to the chat, select the name and then press the “Background and Tones” tab (at iOS) and “own notifications” (with Android). * knows another WhatsApp function, which is extremely practical, but also quite well hidden.

WhatsApp: Vibration, ringtone, color – so easily the sender can be revealed

In the emerging field, the WhatsApp users then have the potential of choice how they want to personalize their most important contacts. So the users of the messenger service know directly when flashing, working or raising, who has reported.

A practical tool that can reduce the screen time at least a bit. In question, however, how long the bauble is still freely accessible. Finally, rumors circulated that at least individual features of WhatsApp would be charged. _ * is like WhatsApp is part of the editorial network byip.media_

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