Lost arc proved that the number of steam simultaneous users in the week was achieved,

On the 21st of 9:30 am, the number of daily intercourses of roast arc is 117,722. Although it has been reduced by about 150,000 compared to the 1320,000 records, it was released last year, but the New World, who has been launched last September, was able to have a number of new worlds, Considering MMORPG genre characteristics with high early departure rate.

The initial departure of the roast arc user is analyzed that the highly affected server problems have a significant impact. It was often not even if you could not enjoy the game properly with a long queue in the early days of the domestic server. It was also attached. This issue is currently resolved in a certain amount of emergency server check and the European western server new.

Meanwhile, the complaints of domestic users enjoying roast arcs overseas. Domestic users accessed by other countries should be connected to the steam version, because the version does not support Korean characters. There is also a savings for Korean gamers living abroad.

How to get LEVEL 2 on Steam in 5 Minutes

On the 21st, 9:30 am, the ranking of the steam worldwide in the steam, the competition of existing workers in the world, was ranked first in the first place in the first place. Without a special issue, it will be expected to keep the top top of the long term.