The Treaty of Test Gorwart Martin Fraisl at FC Schalke 04 runs out at the end of the season. The Austrian has now openly talked about his uncertain future like never before.

Before the important second league game of the Schalke on Friday night against the SC Paderborn, Fraisl took place next to his head coach Dimitrios Grammozis on the podium at the Game Tagess Press Conference and was addressed to his Schalkeing perspectives at the royal blue.

The 28-year-old, who has been number one between the posts at FC Schalke since the 8th matchday, acknowledged that the unknown future does not leave him cold from July: “Clearly busy one, I do not need anything like that. I am a family man, I’m not only responsible for me. There you have in mind, “the native Wolfsbacher explained on Thursday afternoon.

However, Fraisl stressed, despite these planning uncertainties, not to make his rhythm at the Gelsenkirchernen: “On the other hand, I find that I am very concentrated in training and work. There and with the games I manage fine Then hide. Therefore, I am relatively relaxed despite everything. “

fraisl plays since this season for the FC Schalke 04

The Schalker final man who has denied 15 games in the current season so far in the 2nd Bundesliga, according to his own statement to the upcoming international space break in spring “wasting no thought about it”, which alternatives could give it for him from the coming season.

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“Unless there is something that is no longer going out. After the next six-game block to the country break, I do more intense thoughts,” Fraisl clarified.

So far, there had been no concrete institutions from the club, with the Austrian to further extend beyond summer.

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Fraisl came until the last year from Ado The Hague from the Netherlands into the Ruhr area.

His head coach Grammozis showed himself on Thursday on the personnel not surprisingly diplomatic: “It was now that I am very satisfied with Martin and that I am very happy to have him in my team.”