Bower Award Ceremony 2021: Jürgen Schmidhuber lauds Kunihiko Fukushima
Jürgen Schmid is in Neumarkt history – and the ASV stands for one and a half weeks before the BayernLiga restart against the FV Würzburg without trainer. As the Günther Bruckschlögl learned, the Bayern Ligrist has separated from his exercise leader a few days after the situation between the 40-year-old and the team was escalated. At the beginning of the week, department leader Günther Bruckschlögl should have laid down his office. Schmid had Suspended Jonas Marx last week, for reasons, to which the association did not want to express himself, in consultation with the department line. But SCHMID was apparently stabbed into a Wespennest. Because last Thursday evening he waited and his co-trainer Johannes Geitner, who also has to pack the suitcases, in vain for the team. This should be appointed to another place and the training has skipped.

But not only sporty, the outward throw of the coach has far-reaching consequences. With Schmid, as already announced in various other media, the long-standing main sponsor Johann Pröpster will end his commitment to the Upper Palators. ASV Chairman Jürgen Drabant said to the “Mittelbayerische” to quake in Neumarkt that he’d rather had it differently, but it was so, “because we would otherwise with two coaches, but without a team”. In the next few days, further decisions around the incidents should be due.