Last update there is February 15, 2022

Have you ever wanted to serve strange spatial drinks with extraterrestrials? Well, you can soon. The next Barman Simulation of the Foggy Box Games Developer, Starters, gives players the opportunity to mix drinks for a peoples galaxy. A press release provides not only the release date but details on the functionality of the game.

Starttenders places players in the role of a new trainee at the Starttenders Academy. Here you will learn a whole series of skills you will need to use on customers. Behind the bar, you will need to shake, slicing and dice, Cryo, explode and serve customers to level up and acquire new skills. In addition, you can test your skills in different game modes, history mode with free mixing. In each mode, you will encounter extraterrestrial species, experiment with new crazy cocktails, you can even compare your skills with the rest of the world in challenges.

Meet STARTENDERS - intergalactic bartending in VR. Coming to MetaQuest and PSVR March 17 2022

Players have a glimpse of all this bartender action in the MEET Starttenders trailer. In addition, the trailer offers players a preview of the artistic style of the game.

In addition, the mixture of drinks is not limited by chore ingredients. Instead, you will mix cosmic cocktails with the most recent help with drinks manufacturing technology.

_ “We wanted the StartTers experience of each player to be unique, so we built a system that can provide changes generated in a proactive way, with different customers and commands each time you play. _ Declared Chris Yours, creative director of Foggy Box Games in the press release.

Starttenders is scheduled for an exit on March 17, 2022. The game will be available on Meta Quest, Meta Quest 2 and PlayStation VR. This will cost $ 14.99. So, what will your specialty be?