The 97th of the Chinese Game is a Log Light Action Game “ Nigate Tale ” (Chinese Name “Union” will deliver.

This work has developed Hermit Games, and 2P Games delivered an early access version on April 12, 2021. As mentioned earlier, a large update (Ver0.4) is also included, and a new story and a search area in the castle have been added. The works of the 2P Games have taken “the Chrono Jottar” and “Zengeon” even in the “Chinese Game”. This time, I received the code of this work, so I will send you a play report. Japanese also supports, and the title screen is “I’m not good at different world! It is “”.

It is the content of this work, but it is an action game with a rogue-like element set in the fantasy world. The main character Roy is an engineer. When he was on the plane, he was sucked into a strange cloud and reached a different world castle. The plane I got riding was broken, and the parts have been scattered in the castle. To return to the original world, you must find the plane part. However, in the castle, dangerous monsters are full. Let’s play right away from the castle!

# Tempo good story development!

The main character Roy starts the game from the scene on the plane. The mysterious air flow breaks the airplane, and Roy will be sucked into the clouds. Voice is in Chinese.

Roy arrived somewhere in the castle. His plane has become a breaker. He can not escape he. However, Loi seems to be afraid to be told that the castle’s owner will be told by destroying the highly likely ornaments in the castle from the plane. First of all, let’s explore the surroundings.

You can take items or examine objects in the pad RB. Discover spanners from the unlock of the plane. It can be used as a weapon for proximity attacks. It is a proximity attack with the X button.

Going to the road, Gobrin with a wolf appeared. Goblins attacked suddenly before Roy did not excuse. It will be the first battle here.

Goblins will attack rush attacks, but it is easy to avoid because there is a motion of reservoir before attack. He was a close attack of the X button continuous hit, and he defeated it easily.

If you go ahead of the aisle, the wind blade attacks. Use the emergency avoidance of the A button to move forward while diving the blade of the wind. Since it will be invincible during urgent avoidance, it can also be used to attack enemies.

If you move further, the monster daughter of the octopus of Mayonnaise ** was bullied by Goblin (the size of the character size, or the Japanese display is “mayonnae”). Roy is called “Taco daughter”. “Why don’t you fight against Goblin, why don’t you fight against? Character setting?” Roy to make a meta remark. He tries to help, but there is no way, so I can not go across the other side.

When I searched for nearby, I found a bow and arrow. You can now attack far enemies. Long-distance attack with the Y button. After killing two goblins, Mayonnaise made a bridge with an ice spell. Her ability seems to be “freezing”. You can also view the illustrations seen during the game later from the album.

# Arrive at the underground camp at the base!

In the guidance of mayonnaise, we arrive at the underground camp of monster daughters hideout. It is a place that will be the base of this work. With the progress of game, facilities and monster daughters in the base will increase. Currently, only mayones are.

… If you think, a new monster daughter Arona appeared. She seemed to be a friend of Mayonnee, called Roy, called the “Kobulin”, and attacked with flames.

A loy who solved the misunderstandings of Arona. Arona seemed to be able to drive leis quickly and she taught the passage to the castle. She also guides you to work bench processing of weapons. If you have ore, you can power up your weapon. Currently there is no ore, so I can not do anything.

From the center of the center of the base, you can go to the castle. This work is a game with Log Like elements, and if it is dead in the castle, it will be returned to this base. However, it is not meant to be reinstated from the beginning, but the powered up weapons and some items picked up in the castle are taken over as it is.

You can change weapons and monster daughters that support before departure. Weapons include nearby attacks, long distance attacks, and auxiliary weapons. As we earned “ laser balls ” of auxiliary weapons from Arona, let’s use later.

Enter the castle and activate the auxiliary weapon laser ball with the B button. I will leave the beam around to draw a circle. Auxiliary weapons are unlimited to use, but after use, there is a cool down time.

Cleaning the enemies in the area, you can “bless” from her fellow monster daughter. In recent years, you choose one from the three familiar in Log Like game. This is “Fire !!” which gives “burn state” to long distance weapons.

In addition to destroying the enemy, there are areas that dive the obstacles. It is an area of ​​the most difficult type of author. Let’s avoid attacking well using emergency avoidance.

A rabbit with a shop in the castle Usabi . You can purchase items using coins you got in the way. For the time being, it seems better to increase the maximum HP, so we purchased “ vitality heart ” with 150 coins.

New monster daughter called Clover also appeared. It seems that now I will not join my friends yet. I got a blessing level of “Fire !!” to 2.

When I went to the back, I entered the boss area. Two bodies of beer of two-hand gun use **. There are a lot of Zako enemies around the surroundings, and attacks can not be cut. I’m rushing with a wolf and shot a gun and how do you do this?

Well, I fought a good fight, but after all HP runs out and down. It was quite tight fight. A propeller machine comes and recovers Roy. He carried to the underground camp at the base. The castle search will be from the beginning again.

# Let’s get along with Monster daughter!

Roy returned to the base. There was a shop open for a bus. Although you can not bring back coins obtained in the castle, “cake” picked up in the castle remains as it is. In exchange for cake, you can get a present for monster daughter. Since I hate it for each monster girl, let’s give an appropriate thing.

Presents the “Pendant of Azan” purchased earlier to Mayonnaise. The favorable sensitivity level has become 2, and fellow level and additional damage has increased. If you get along well, it is a system that monster daughter is strengthened more and more.

The “ Magic Experiment Begin ” on the right of the shop is like a so-called skill tree. You can consume the “Crystal of Devil” picked up in the castle to increase the basic capacity of Roy. These are permanent effects, so it is good to unlock more and more.

With the ability to unlocked at a magic experiment platform, you can get one blessing at the beginning of the castle. Mayonnaise’s ability can freeze enemies with freezing.

Loy and support mayonnaise who powered up from the previously. The ice capability is quite strong, and the enemy will be frozen and moved. In addition, because the attack power itself is also raised, it is hardly noted without being counterattack.

There are various ways in the castle, and some have a favorable player. The yellow object of the image is a gunflower when attacking. It can be used to defeat the enemy in the distance.

Arrive in the boss area. If you think that the revenge match……, it’s a different boss. Two earlier, but one body this time. Compared to the two opponents, it is quite easy to fight. Let’s defeat this time.

Nigate Tale Full Gameplay
The attack itself is not intense, but there is a lot of HP so it will take time. In addition, Zako enemies will get infinite from around. It looks good to have a few bosses.

Somehow defeat the boss. When I tried to open the dropped treasure chest, the remaining enemy came up. To there, someone had a arrow and helped Roy.

Helping Roy, a new monster girl, Centaurus Arthur . She is good at the bow and strengthens the long distance attack of Roy. She got a blessing to lock on the enemy.

In addition, monsters that strengthen weapons are also appeared. It will change the attack method of Roy, such as using two arrows that emit two or throw a wrench. “Powerful rotation” was selected for rotating wrench with a certain probability.

Before going to the next area, you can now use monster daughter’s special move. Mayonnaise is the technique of taking tentacles and faint surrounding enemies. There is a long cool down time for reuse.

If you move the castle to the back while kicking the enemy, the next boss appeared. It’s a dandy owl. It is quite strong because you use state abnormalities. Do you play Loy? Please try playing with your own hand.

# Casual Tempo Good Logery Act

Speaking of Rogelike, there are many games with high difficulties, but this work can be overwhelmed with the ability to enhance the base, so you can die many times. In addition, if you raise the favorability of monster daughter, the attack capacity will also be greatly improved, so it is good to try again and again without dying.

After promoting the game, new monster daughters will join more and more. Because the ability is different, it is good to use well. There is still an early access version, and some of the text remain in Chinese, but it is not a big deal in the gameplay itself. If you are looking for a good rogue ACT for a tempo that can be played casually, I think it is good to try this work.

Product information

※ Some of the game titles and united nouns used in this article are replaced simplified and traditional characters with Japanese kanji due to technical limitations.