The list of operators to play as in the modern “multiplayer mode has become bigger with the addition of MACE, a brand new operator whose players can take control in their quest for victory.

MACE has been added to the game via an update as part of the second multiplayer season that was launched on February 11, joining the long list of playable agents. Agents are the characters that players can choose to play as during the games. The choice of different operators does not give players of the benefits or unique skills; All operators are the same, it’s just a cosmetic decision for the game. Mace had been announced as part of the new season when he started, but did not receive an exit date.

There are two factions that each team is part of every game, and each agent belongs to a certain faction, allegiance or coalition. During multiplayer games, these two factions compete, for the game Spec OS mode, they will team up as part of the Global Taskforce Armistice.

In honor of MACE live in the game, Activision gave us all a list of allegiance agents to refresh our memories about each character and stories, as well as the way you can unlock each. Some can be unlocked by performing campaign missions, some can be unlocked by performing some multiplayer actions, and some, like MACE, must be purchased in the game shop as part of a set.

With Mace, Infinity Ward added the favorite fans character, Ghost, to the game Ghost was a character of modern 2_ in 2009. While the character has experienced a premature disappearance at the end of this game, his recognizable skull mask., as well as sharing the voice actor of another favorite fans character, gas, have made Ghost an immediate star in the distribution of the game..

The update notes for the entire update can be found on the official Infinity Ward website.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019 Mace multiplayer profile

UserRe modern is now available on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.