Werder Bremen may be more planning with 250,000 euros more than expected a few weeks ago. Because the greenes have won according to a speaker before the Bremer district court against the consultant agency of the former SVW-Profis Davy Claws. In any case, in the first instance.

For a good two years, Davy played clasps for Werder Bremen. With the North Germans, the Netherlands after the 2019/2020 season, the rescue in the relegation promoted themselves after three games in the season 20/21 finally at the beginning of October – in the transferman extended by the Corona Pandemic – Ajax Amsterdam.

Since classes had anchored a clause in his contract, which assured a fixed sum of 250,000 euros a fixed sum of 250,000 euros if it is under contract after 31 August still at Werder Bremen, the Hanseaten must actually have to transfer the sum of said sum to the agents. But Corona obviously threw up this passage.

“The chamber shares the view of Werder Bremen. By postponing the transfer period, the deadline for commission has also shifted. Therefore, Werder must not pay,” explained Jan Stegemann opposite “Picture”.

“The General Court shall lay down the contract so that 31.8. Not as a key date should justify the commission, but thus the end of the transfer period is meant. And that has shifted,” said Stegemann.

Davy Klaassen Is Weer Voetballer:

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Since the transfer class to his home club Ajax Amsterdam in October, the consultant agency of the midfielder, which is led by the former Bundesliga professional Sören Lerby, demanded the sum of the current second division. Apparently free of charge.

However, the last word in the Causa Claws has not yet been spoken. “Still, the judgment is not legally legally affordable. The agency can appeal, but this has not happened yet. Then the case would go to the Higher Regional Court,” said the jurist.