At Amazon, there are just a lot of in-house products such as Fire TV Sticks, Fire Tablets, Echo Speakers and Kindle Readers on offer. The action is running for four days. Here you will find the overview of all Deals:

How To Display Your Video Doorbell On A Fire TV Stick

Amazon own brands on offer: Fire TV Sticks, Fire Tablets, Kindle Reader & More

Amazon fire tv stick & fire tv cube

The Amazon Fire TV stick is available both in the normal version and in the 4K and Lite variant cheaper. The default and 4K stick is the current version that offers a faster processor and additional buttons on the remote control for Prime Video, Netflix, Disney + and Amazon Music compared to older models. At the Fire TV Stick Lite, both these and other buttons account for, for example those for setting the volume.

  • Amazon Fire TV Stick instead of 39,99 € for € 24.99
  • Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K instead of 59,99 € for € 34.99
  • Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite instead of 29,99 € for 22,99 €

If even the Fire TV Stick 4k is not good enough, you can also grab for 79.99 euros instead of 119.99 euros to Fire TV Cube, which has a far more powerful hexacore processor. He also offers voice control without remote control, not only for your TV, but also for many other compatible devices. The Fire TV Sticks also offer voice control (and even in the Lite version), but you have to press the microphone button on the remote control.

Amazon Fire TV Cube instead of 119,99 Euro for 79,99 €

Amazon Echo

With the echo speakers, over which you can talk to Alexa, the selection is not too big this time. After all, there is the Amazon Echo Dot of the 4th generation cheaper. The Amazon Echo Show 5 of the 2nd generation gets her in bundle with the Amazon Blink Outdoor HD camera

  • Amazon Echo Dot (4th Generation) instead of 59,99 € for € 34.99
  • Amazon Echo Show 5 + Blink Outdoor HD Camera Instead of 184,98 € for € 76.99

Amazon fire tablets

The Fire Tablet is available in a wide variety of variants. For example, the cheapest version of the Fire 7 with 7 inches, 16 GB of memory and advertising costs 39.99 euros instead of 54.99 euros. The Fire HD 8 is the cheapest version with 32 GB still 74.99 euros instead of 99.99 euros. The full HD tablet FIRE HD 10 is reduced in the 32GB version of 149.99 euros to 109.99 euros.

  • Amazon Fire 7 Tablet (16 GB, Advertising) instead of 54,99 € for 39.99 €
  • Amazon Fire 8 HD Tablet (32 GB, Advertising) instead of 99,99 € for 74.99 €
  • Amazon Fire 10 HD Tablet (32 GB, Advertising) Instead of 149,99 € for 109.99 €

Amazon Kindle Reader

Also the Amazon Kindle Reader is available in different versions cheaper. The most interesting offer is likely to be the latest version of Kindle PaperWhite with 8 GB of memory and 6.8-inch display in addition to the ordinary Kindle with Fronticht, which is reduced from 79.99 euros to 54.99 euros. This is reduced from 129.99 euros to 89.99 euros. In both cases it is the versions with advertising.

  • Amazon Kindle Reader with front light instead of 79,99 € for € 54.99
  • Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (8 GB) instead of 129,99 € for € 89.99

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