Vernal has suffered a thigh and pile glass and a thoracic trauma during a training accident. Vernal has already been operated after the delivery into a clinic as a result of a collision with a bus.

The procedure was successful, Vernal should remain 72 hours in the intensive care unit. The nearby Bogotá university clinic La Sabina shared. You have immediately started with the rehabilitation process.

Columbia President Tuque, Cacao and Co. press Thumbs

Many athletes like the Colombian cyclist Near Quinton and footballer Rafael Cacao expressed their sympathy in social networks. Also, Colombia’s President Iván Duque wanted Vernal Via Twitter a speedy recovery. Vernal has been a national hero at the latest since his tour victory 2019 in Colombia.

Vernal’s British Ineos-Grenadiers team had still referred to the state of his star after admission to the hospital as stable. In the corresponding message, the blessings of the Giro d’Italia winner were designated only as space and cut wounds.

Further information on the accident in the Gachancipa, which was about 30 km from the capital Bogotá, Ines Grenadiers had not yet mentioned in his communication. According to the local transport authorities, however, the tour winner bounced on a bus from 2019 as the vehicle stopped at a stop.

In social networks circulated photos of the accident site. On the pictures Vernal is lying on the ground and surrounded by his teammates as well as a bump in the tail of the bus.

Vernal recently prepared with parts of his team in his homeland on the upcoming season. Just a few days ago, the South Americans and his colleagues were just under a misfortune during a training ride, when a vehicle apparently absorbed out of control was tailored to the driver’s powder and the group had to escape with difficulty.


Vernal return is still completely open

The crash at the beginning of the week raises Vernal in the objective for the upcoming competitions. When he can sit again in the racing saddle, is initially open. Vernal had announced great goals at the beginning of the year. He wool to return to the tour, he said after the extension of his contract with Ines Grenadiers by 2026.

Vernal was in 2020 a year after his surprise success for the recently last time at the France tour. However, because of a back injury, he had to give up prematurely and thus buried his hopes for successful title defense. Last year, Vernal renounced a start at the Grand Bouclé, instead started at the Giro d’Italia – and won this for the first time.

His focus wanted to go back to the big loop until his accident. I signed for the best years of my life, said Vernal in the announcement of further cooperation with his team. Of the three major tours in Italy, France and Spain, Delta (start on 19 August) will take place in the latest in the year.