The Russians began concentrated against the up to date loss-free Spaniards, but after a 1-3 backlog, Spain gradually set off and gained in the meantime. Since Russia Keeper Victor Kiev showed numerous and sometimes spectacular parades, the game remained open, the leadership changed a few times. Space after 21 minutes: 9: 8 for the Russians.

Even with the Spaniard there was no reason to counter. Goalkeeper Rodrigo Corrals from the Hungarian top club Vesper brought a bodily part of the ball again and again, even showed a more than his opposite pause with nine parades, so the defending champion with a narrow 12: 11 lead in the cabins. Igor Stroke (4 goals) and on Spanish side Augustin Canada Marcelo (5) had once again presented themselves accurately.

The game remained on the knife cutting edge, the first two-goal lead after the break there was in the 36th minute – for Russia (16:14). At the latest from the 46th minute, they had to worry about Spain, Santa with his fifth goal as well as shortly thereafter Khamenei set to 22:18 for the European Champion of 1996.

Russian leadership melts

Many unnecessary mistakes could be melted the lead within a few seconds. Over pieces and now with the DHB-Freck Gonzalo Perez de Vargas in the box, the Bear picked up before coach Delimit Petrovich at the stand of 22:21 took a break (48.). In the 54th minute Spain also took his timeout at 24:24 and immediately went back to the first time at 25:24.

Spain – Russia: The game in the ticker

From the 55th minute was a 26:25 for Spain on the scoreboard, at once none of the two teams hit the goal more. Russia brought the ball for 50 seconds in front of the ball, but Spain brought again in possession of the opponent.


Eight seconds before the end, Russia got the ball again, but almost from the zero angle, right outside Shishkarev took the litter, but was slightly touched. The referees looked at the scene again on the video screen and decided on seven meters. Stroke joined – and pounded the ball to the post! Spain had come away with a blue eye, the defending champion has now 6: 0 points best prospects on the semifinals.

Russia – Spain 25:26 (11:12)

Russia: Gaucho, Firewood – Santa low 6, Stroke 4, Andrew 3, Krakow 3, A. Kowtow 2, Schischkarew 2, Winogradow 2, Khamenei 1, Corner 1/1, Schitnikow 1, SEMI, Ostashchenko, Work, Wrarshevich

Spain: Corrals, Perez de Vargas – Canada 7, Fern├índez 4, Manuela 4, Marquez Coloma 4, Sole Sale 3/3, Gomez Abel lo 2, Figures 1, Garcia 1, Amino, Guardiola, Turbine, Odriozola, Medina, Sanchez Migration Navajo

Referee: Mads Hansen (Denmark) / Jesper Madsen (Denmark)

Spectators: 2021

penalty minutes: 2 / –