Biathlete Benedict Doll has set a big exclamation mark for 13 days before the start of the Olympic Games in Beijing (4 to 20 February) and impressively underlined its medal ambitions.

The 31-year-old triumphed at the World Cup in Anthony in mass start over 15 km. For doll, most recently already in the sprint of Upholding, it was the third World Cup victory of his career. Most recently he won in December 2019 in the sprint of Annecy.

Doll won in the last single race of men from Olympia in 37: 14.9 minutes with a shooting mistake in front of the Norwegians Johannes Thingies BO (3 / + 31,3) and Stella Hold Agreed (3/1: 28.8 minutes). Johannes Kuhn, so far only German season winner, came after surviving Corona infection after five shooting errors (+3: 21.4) rank 19. Roman Sees (6/3: 33.0) occupied the 21st place. Erik Lesser and Philipp Na wrath had dispensed with Angola on the World Cup.

I’m incredibly happy. After the last shoot I knew it’s run really well. I told me that I’m offensively ranked and risked something. It is really nice that it was up to victory, a radiant said Doll in the ARD. Even ex-colleague And Gaffer was excited after Doll had even held in chess on the last round even the Norwegian Johannes Thingies BO. He did not let himself be rewarded and has been rewarded. The shape and self-confidence, said Gaffer, but adding to Olympia: He has to remain humble.

On Sunday (12.15 clock in the live ticker), the season is still over 4×7.5 km on the program. However, the season does not have the relay towards Olympia, as the DSV team will compete with the second set.

Biathlon: Mass launch of the men in Atwood result

Place Name Time error
1. Benedict Doll 37: 14.90 1
2. Johannes Thingies BO +31,30 3
3rd SEURA Hold Agreed +1: 28.80 3
4. Antonin Guigonnat +1: 34.70 2
5. Divert Taken +1: 35,20 3

Biathlon: Mass launch of the gentlemen in Anthony – the Live ticker for reading

Partway in front of ways

Niklas Harte has given a decent mass start debut. Although he shot six penal trials, he is in place in 23 and thus a rank in front of his compatriot.

Austrian just past top ten


Simon Ever and Felix Later have just missed the first ten places, in the finish they are on eleven and twelve. Johannes Kuhn becomes 19th, Roman Sees 21. Both have made too many criminal trials today.

Two Norwegians on the podium

BO and Madrid secure the other podium places. Behind it, Guigonnat can prevail in battle with taken and secure fourth place. The Finn Sepals could also convince and lands in six place.

Biathlon: Mass launch of the gentlemen in Anthony wins now in Live ticker – Doll

Doll in the destination

Benedict Doll wins the mass start! With only one mistake and excellent mileage he was able to take 30 seconds ahead of the goal.

final round

Doll can hold the lead and even builds it! It looks almost after the first win of the season and the third World Cup victory for the Germans!

Fourth Shooting

Everyone now shoots penalty trials. As a third on the track goes a satellite, he already has a minute behind. Then follow Sepals and Guigonnat. Kramer, Taken, Ever and Later are also under the first ten after shooting.

Biathlon: Mass launch of the men in Anthony Now in Live ticker – Doll leads after the 4th shooting

Fourth Shooting

Who wins? BO shoots again quickly, but leaves the last disc. Doll remains without error! This is the first to go to the final round with 7.1 second lead. That will be a very exciting final round!

Doll with good running form

Doll also proves today that it is in good shape. Together with BO he runs the fastest round. He has a good twelve seconds behind the Norwegian.

Johannes Thingies BO remains leading

The first two places have remained the same: At the round, BO leads in front of Doll, Sepals and Larvae both have a residue 35 seconds. Five place is Kramer.

Many errors

Ever and Later each shoot a penalty. David Combat has to be twice in the round. In Roman Sees, it does not work today, there is a penalty of the penalty.

Biathlon: Mass launch of the men in Anthony Now in the Linebacker – 3. Shooting

Third shooting

BO shoots fast and has to turn extra meters. Benedict Doll scores the last shot. Guigonnat has to be twice in the round. Sepals, Ladder and Kramer remain without error and can make places.

The field

Felix Later is located with two criminal trials in the middle of the field. Doll can hold the residue on BO and hardly loses. The Finn Sepals is also under the first ten.

BO leads

BO, Doll and Guigonnat are the first three. Between BO and Doll are six seconds. Guigonnat already has 26 seconds behind. Then come a group that is led by taken.

Biathlon: Mass launch of the gentleman in Anthony now in the Linebacker – 2. Shooting

Second shooting

Benedict Doll shoots faultless! Latino only meets a slice and says goodbye to the front placements. Johannes Thingies BO was the first to go to the track. In the case of Roman Sees, however, another two criminal trials come to this. Also bold must circle twice.

Run to the shooting range

The first ten are together within twelve seconds.

The Norwegians lead the field

Only eleven biathlete could shoot flawlessly, including Simon Ever. Agreed has taken the lead. Benjamin Weber has a residue for 35 seconds and lies in 16th place. The field pushes more and more on the round.

Biathlon: Mass launch of the gentlemen in Anthony now in the live ticker – 1. Shoot

First shoot

The BO brother must go to the penalty. Taken is first out of Stella Hold Madrid. Kuhn is fourth place after a faultless shooting insert, doll is seventh. For Roman Sees, the race does not start well, he has to cycle twice.


Smoke has found the connection quickly. Johannes Thingies BO takes over the lead and attracts the pace a bit. This can settle for a few meters.

Biathlon: Mass launch of the men in Anthony Now in the live ticker – start

It starts!

The starting shot sounds, the field goes closed on the round. Anton Smoke has lost the ski and has a few seconds behind. Christiansen introduces the field from Dillon Millet.

Biathlon: Mass start of the men in Anthony now in the live ticker – before starting

Before starting: Favorites! The starters from Russia, France and Norway are the favorites on the victory. Anton Smoke (BLR) can also have a word.

Before starting: Way back, Partway gives debut! In addition to debutant Niklas Harte Benjamin Weber is back to his corona disease. As an 18th in the World Cup he is qualified for the mass start. In single races he missed the top ten with eleven. Harte and walker go to the start for Switzerland.

Before starting: the Austrians. Simon Ever, Felix Later and David Combat are the hopes of the Austrian fans. Everything is possible for you today. Later has already shown that he can run at the front with good shooting deposits.

Before starting: The German starters. Benedict Doll, Johannes Kuhn and Roman Sees fight for good placements today. Just Benedict Doll and Johannes Kuhn can be candidates for the podium in good shooting. Erik Lesser and Philipp Na wrath would also be qualified, but not start.

Before starting: Surprises! The second of the World Cup and the man in red, Emilie Jacqueline, is not there – he renounces other competitions from Olympia and trains individually. There are five mass start debutants. Campbell Wright from New Zealand, American Paul Schooner, Vytautas Stroll from Lithuania, Ollie Hiidensalo (FIN) and the Swiss Niklas Harte are now allowed to trade today.

Before starting: the field. The 30 best of the World Cup will go to the start today: The first 25 starting places will be awarded according to the overall World Cup, there are still five more starters who could convince in the single parting with a good placement.

Before starting: After the single race last Thursday, the mass start today is the second men’s competition in the South Tyrolean community Anthony. For Germany, Benedict Doll, Johannes Kuhn and Roman Sees go. Not involved are Erik Lesser and Philipp Na wrath. The two are currently in the training camp for the upcoming Olympic Games in Beijing (opening ceremony: February 4)

Before starting: The race over 15 kilometers starts at 12.50.

Before starting: Hello and welcome to the mass start of the gentlemen in Anthony (Italy).

Biathlon: Mass launch of the men in Anthony today on TV and Livestream

If you want to track the mass start of the men live today, has several options for this. On the one hand, the ARD transmits the race in the free TV and in the free livestream. On the other hand, EUROSPORT offers the World Cup in Pay TV on Eurosport 2 and in the chargeable livestream.

On the LiveStream of Eurosport you can also get access via DAZN because of the joint cooperation. This requires a DAZN subscription, which is for 14.99 euros per month or 149.99 euros per year.

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Biathlon: The stand in the World Cup of Gentlemen

Rank | NAME | Point — 1 | Quentin Dillon Millet | 602 2 | Emilie Jacqueline | 501 3 | Sebastian Samuelson | 484 4 | Tanja By | 458 5 | Alexander Login ow | 413 6 | Title Shasta Christiansen | 407 7 | Johannes Thingies By | 386 8 | Stella Hold Lægreid | 384 9 | Simon Restroom | 383 10 | Anton Smoke | 382