NIANTIC announces that Pokemon’s trade function is paused for a defect survey at the position information game Pokemon GO on January 20th. On January 21, the following day, he said that the problem was solved. The content of the specific defect has not been revealed. However, in the direction, this worker reported an abnormal occurrence of Kirapokemon obtained by the trader.

Pokemon GO is a position information game that Nintendo and Niantic will work. The player caught and trained Pokemon in the map linked to the real world, and trigger and challenge the battle. This work has a trade function, which consumes the currency hoshino and can exchange hands holding Pokemon with friends. At the time of the trade, there is also benefit from the distance of the place where each Pokemon is obtained. In addition, I’m glad that it occurs. At the time of trading, each Pokemon replaced may be a special Korapo Kemon who scolds the brilliance. Kirapokemon is also specially counted in a picture book or the like, and resources needed for training are also reduced. I’m glad I got it sometimes it’s Kirapokemon.

However, the method of obtaining Kirapokemon is limited. First, normal trade occurs occasionally. As a means to generate reliably, a trade with Kira Friend is present. There is a system that accumulates good relationships with friends and exchange with friends. If the degree of goodness is extremely high and the exchange is further deepened, it may be a kilafold state that Kirapokemon will surely occur in the trade only once daily. Besides, it is believed that the alapoxemonation rate can be raised due to factors such as the trade of Pokemon held for a long time. However, there are few opportunities for sure that Kirapokemon can be obtained, and basically there is no choice but to leave it to luck. It is a nice lucky element when it hits.

However, the user who scored such a killed Kimon at a stretch at the other overseas bulletin board REDDIT appeared. This user exchanges the friend and 100 pokemon and posted that all of them became Kirapokemon. As evidence, we present a screenshot that is also glad to be glad that Kirapokemon is lined with a place. According to the poster, friends and contributors are likely to be in a kirafled state with each other. And even if Pokemon has been replaced, it has not ended with a splash, and it has been a long time to replace Pokemon.

I want to keep in mind that this post is an opaque point that is a fact. As a fact, I do not know if this user has led to NIANTIC’s response al1. However, the same post was done on January 20th morning. It was a wonderful, day / US Niantic official Twitter account, and it was just before announcing a defect survey and a doubt. The post itself has attracted the attention of many users, and it is not unlikely that the posts of Niantic have remained. In other words, there may also be a circumstance that it responded immediately to the act of abuse of the problem. Even so, the friend needs to be physically close to a certain degree of trading, and it takes a long time to replace 100 Pokemon. It is honest that there is a friend of good friend who will be associated with it.

The reaction sent to the post is also a comment that flys the jokes with the trade function stop is because the trade function stop is, and it tends to enjoy rather than criticism. In addition, a large amount of Kirapokemon is lined up, and it is an impression that shoes and impact than zulu is won.

In any case, the glitter fever condition is currently sealed due to the quick response of Niantic. The company mitigates the maximum number of trade times for the first day until January 25, January 25, as a compensation for this trade function stop. There is no exchanges that the replacement is leaked. Going forward, get Kirapokemon will only likely to put a steady trading and fortunate.