Riot Games announced on January 13th, on January 13, the Solar Can Foundation in Los Angeles, announced that the technology and entrepreneurship will be will to deposit for $200 million to support the establishment and establishment of mental centers.

The Solar CAN Foundation is a non-profit accompanying agency of Solar Impact. Los Angeles southern colored racial residents offer practical technical education and career development opportunities, and are the aim of improving the quality of life and eradication of poverty.


This deposit of Riot Games is used in the establishment of the world’s finest scale technology and e-sports center in the Solar Impact Behave campus. The center will be able to open this month, to achieve a 1,000 students every year, by coding, animation, graphic design, digital content, E-sports development, establishment of mental, practical life, and job skills.

Through this, I narrowed the information gap in the community, and the southern colored racial residents of Los Angeles are motivated to enter into STEM (science, technology, engineering, math), and these are the next generation game developers, e-sports players, technical experts, leaders, entrepreneurs It is scheduled to help enhance the ability to grow.