Game Developer Jeff Ross has exposed dissatisfaction with his own Twitter account on January 6th. He says Ghost of Sushi and Ghost of Sushi about Days Gone he was involved. The background seems to have a compilation of yourself and the correspondence of the top organization at that time.

DAYS GONE is a zombie survival game for one-player play released for PS4 in 2019. It is She Bend Studio (currently under the PlayStation STUDIOS) that was in charge of development. The same work is also developed as a PC version last year, and the article writing Current Steam User Review has received a rating of 93% of very popular in 19231. On the other hand, the same work was also a work that divided the evaluation significantly at the time of PS4. The optimization shortage and lots of bugs are pointed out, and in the evaluation accumulation site Metacritic, PS4 version is 71 points and slightly lower than large titles. While grabbing the heart of some fans, the evaluation is a title that was struggling.

Jeff Ross is once belonged to Bend Studio, and Days Gone is a person who was involved as a game director. He announced that he left the same studio with the end of 2020. However, after leaving the studio, it seems that Days Gone has a strong intention. It is often found that it often talks about the same work and retweeting fans on Twitter accounts. Such a fog today tweeted the feeling that could be taken with jealous words. The opportunity was a report of 8 million copies of sales of popular open world action Ghost of Sushi.

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Among Tweets, Ross says, Days Gone has sold 8 million copies of Days Gone at the time of Sony, commented. Currently released for PCs Sales will grow. And he says that Local Studio Management (Local Studio Management) has also been treated as a result of the expectation. That is, Ross is complaining that Days Gone was successfully successful, but it was treated from Sony.

Backgrounds that Ross have made a complaint, there may be similar standing positions of Days Gone and Ghost of Sushi. SUCKER PUNCH PRODUCTION SUCKER PUNCH PRODUCTION SUCKER PUNCH PRODUCTION is a studio under SHE as well as Bend Studio. Both works are also released for the PlayStation platform, and as described above, 8 million copies are sold in about one and a half years after release. Despite both Ghost of Sushi tends to take praise voices, it will be complicated as a strong ROSS for DAYS GONE. I want to keep in mind that Ross does not deny the Ghost of Sushi. I criticized the criticism is just treated to Days Gone of the management layer.

However, since the report of 8 million copies of Days Gone has not been published from SHE, Ross’s comments are sources. Furthermore, since it tended to be sold for 70% off and relatively low and sells as a value selection, and it tended to be sold a few years since the release, it tended to be sold a year and a half year, The situation is different at the point.

It is a point that the opinion is divided that Days Gone could not really get a legitimate treatment. There may also be a view of evaluation including the original failure situation. However, there seems to be a feeling that I can not do it even in Ross. In addition, many echoes from fans were also sent to this tweet. He says A percentage of 10: 1 was a percentage of 10: 1 while saying thanks to the voices of fans at a later tweet. It would be certain that Days Gone is a title that now collects user interest.

DAYS GONE is on sale for PC (Steam / Epic Games Store) and PlayStation 4.