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Pokemon Legends Arceus: How to get and use berries

In Pokémon Legends Areas, you will need to use all the resources you have at your disposal to advance your difficult situation and catch them all. A resource in particular more than any other will really help in abundance, and they are the berries. Here is How to get and use berries in Pokémon Legends Areas.

How to get and use berries in Pokemon Legends Areas

Berries are a very important resource in Pokémon Legends Areas. They are used so much to cure your own Pokemon and to attract and distract the savages as they try to stealthily approach them.

How To Catch Alpha Pokemon in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Berries can be found growing in trees in the open world. Press X to switch to your Pokemon bar, hold ZR to point to the tree and let it go to throw your Poke Ball so that your Pokemon collects berries for you. You can use berries directly from your inventory by pressing up on the D-pad and pressing A to select them and use them, or you can also use them to create.

That’s all you need to know about How Get and use berries in Pokemon Legends Areas . Be sure to consult our Wiki guide about the game to get more tips, tricks and other useful information if you are looking for more suggestions.

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Pokemon Legends Arceus: First tests are there – many top ratings for the switch

The first tests on Pokémon Legends: Areas went online. Shortly before the release you can thus give an impression of the quality of the new Nintendo Switch adventure around the popular pocket monsters. The basis for this article is the website, which compacts the scenes and factions of the international press. At currently 41 submitted reviews, the average rating is 86 percent . Note that the extensive rating can still change in the coming days when further tests go to Pokémon Legends: Areas live.

First tests praise gameplay by Pokémon Legends: Areas

For the Telegraph, it is clear that the developers of Game Freak have published the Best Pokémon since decades . Pokémon Legends: Areas gets the full score in the test. The same is also to be found in the review of Cookbook. On players therefore wait for unforgettable moments – about then when they compete the first Pokémon Champion fight. Pokémon Legends: Areas is a compulsory purchase. “If that’s the future of the series, then I’m incredibly happy because that’s one of the best Pokémon games ever developed **,” writes God Is a Geek in the test to Pokémon Legends: Areas. Gamer closes to that and writes in the conclusion: “Pokémon legend Areas breathes Pokémon with great new ideas fresh wind and is one of the best games in the series.”

Digital trends commented in the test that Pokémon Legends: Areas step into the right direction , but the technical limitation for the big ambitions but not always conducive. To a similar conclusion also comes our test to Pokémon Legends: Areas. We praise a very pleasant feel, a successful gameplay and the open territories. Dot deduction is available for the graphics, few coaches and hardly new Pokémon and shapes.

Test overview to Pokémon Legends: Areas

Telegraph \ – 100
By Tearing Up The Rule Book and Breaking New Ground, Game Freak Has Created The Best Pokémon Title in Decades.

Comic book \ – 100
Pokémon Legends: Areas is Easily the Strongest Pokémon Game Made in Recent Memory and Should Provide UNFORGETTABLE Memories That Rival The First Time A Player First Encountered A Favorite Pokémon or Conquered Their First Pokémon Champion Fight. It’s a Must-Buy Pokémon Game Destined to Land on Many “Top Games of the Year” Lists and Should Bring Countless New and Lapsed fans to the franchise.

NGC \ – 100
Pokémon Legends is the Breath of Fresh Air The Series Has Needed for So Long. IT May NOT HAVE BEEN App Rom The Trailers, But This is one of the Most Entertaining, Engaging and Engrossing Games in The Entire History of the Pokémon Series, And Is Highly Recommended to Both Long-Time Fans and Complete Newcomers.

GOD IS A GEEK \ – 95
IF This is the Future of the Series, I’ll Be Incredibly Happy, BECAUSE This Just Might Be The Best Pokémon Game Ever Made.

Gamer \ – 92
Pokémon legends Areas breathes Pokémon with great new ideas fresh wind and is therefore one of the best games in the series.

Nintendo \ – 90
This is one of the best Pokémon Games Ever. The Feeling of Exploration and Discovery, Along With A Much Improved Gameplay, Makes Pokémon Legends: Areas A Must-Have Game for Any Nintendo Switch Player.

IGN Portugal \ – 90
I Have Many Hours on My Back, And Will Have Many More to Unearth All The Secrets of Legends: Areas. It’s Remarkable The Care That Game Freak Had With ALL THE KEY INGREDIENTS THEY SEEM TO HAVE FOUND A FUTURE MODEL FOR POKÉMON. I Am Convinced That It Will Earn A Place of Success Among The Franchise Main Hits And, More Importantly, Make Even The Most Hardcore Fans Case in Love, for Those Have Been Waiting, For A Long Time, For The True Modernization of Pokémon.

Nintendo Life \ – 90
Pokémon Legends: Areas Feels Like The Result of Game Freak Learning Lessons for 25 Years, Refining The Formula, And Finally Taking The Franchise in A New, Incredible, Exciting Direction. With Its Emphasis On Extremely Rewarding Exploration, Addictive Catching Mechanics, A Fine Roster of Pokémon and a Genuine Sense of Scale That’s Unlike Anything in The Series, Pokémon Legends: Areas is Quite Simply One of the Greatest Pokémon Games Ever Made.

Game Informer \ – 88
Pokémon Legends: Areas Charts at Exciting New Direction for the Series, While Still Maintaining Many of the Core Tenants That Made Game Freak’s Franchise so beloved in The First Place.

JeuxVideo \ – 80
By Sometimes Clumsily Reconciling A New Formula and Heritage, Pokémon Legends Areas Misses The Mark from Time to Time. But Certainly Remains A Pleasant and Successful Title.

VG247 – 80
Pokémon Legends: Areas threads the needle and somehow finds a brilliant balance between old and new, between tradition and upheaval. It’s the 3D Pokémon adventure that I imagined back in the 90s that never came. It’s fresh. Furthermore, it feels new, exciting, and like a powerful new beginning for the series. Technical shortcomings and minor frustrations can’t take away what this game achieves elsewhere; it’s the best main-series Pokémon game in a long, long time.

Game spot – 80
Some new ideas in Areas have rough edges, and it’s slow to start before you get access to many environments and mounts. This is an awkward first step, and it was a big adjustment for me, a longtime fan of the series, to make. Once Pokémon Legends: Areas finds its stride, though, it’s the most daring and inventive the series has been in years, breaking apart the staid core and creating something new and exciting from its pieces.

Pokémon Legends: Arceus Nintendo Switch Review - Is It Worth It?

Digital Trends – 70
Pokémon Legends: Areas is a step in the right direction for the aging series, even if its technical limits can’t always support its ambitions.

CMA – 70
Pokémon Legends: Areas isn’t the open-world Pokémon game fans have been waiting for, but it’s still the most ambitious Pokémon experience yet, and a fun collect-a-thon in its own right.

IGN Italia – 50
Pokémon Legends Areas should have been the next new step for the franchise, but it turned out to be a disappointing experience.

Fa zit AUS unseam Test: “Pokémon-Legenden: Areas is balance night perfect: Die Graphic is grauenerregend, BS gift view EU being Sample UND NAHEMA Kane been Pokémon. Dock was stablemate Genus DES been Alleges last Mich hoffnungsvoll in die Subunit blacken, Dean her Gameplay-Loop UND her Eugene Flow graphed Wonderbra Leander.”

Huge Update Final Fantasy 14 Live, Revealed Patch Notes

A substantial novelty Fantasy Final XIV The update, also known as Final Fantasy 14 or FFI, is available on all platforms along with the patch notes that reveal and detail everything that Square Enix has made to the game with the update. There is not a single advantage of the new update 6.09, but Paladins and Dancers have turned out to be the great winners.

At the time of publication, it is not clear what is the size of the update file, since Square Enix does not reveal it. However, get ready for a great discharge, since patch notes suggest that it could be an important download.

Next, you can consult the official and complete update patch notes, courtesy of the official website of the game:


  • Internal spirits: The power has been increased from 250 to 270.
  • Atonement: The power has been increased from 300 to 340
  • Blade of Faith: The power has been increased from 250 to 420
  • Blade of Truth: The power has been increased from 350 to 500
  • Blade of value: the power has been increased from 420 to 580

Merodeador / Guerrero

  • Tomahawk: The power has been increased from 100 to 150


  • Phantom Rush: The power has increased from 1,150 to 1,000


  • Dragon Sight: The range has been expanded to 30 palms of 12 palms, the target group members no longer need to remain within 12 palms to obtain the effects of Left Eye, and the channeling animation was eliminated between a Dragoon and its alley.
  • Maiden Thrust: The power has been increased from 260 to 280
    Star diver: The power has been increased from 500 to 620
  • Heavens’ Thrust: The combined power has been increased from 430 to 480
  • Chaotic spring: The potency of the combo increased from 240 to 260, while the potential of the tears’ combo increased from 280 to 300.

Roma / ninja.

  • Spinning Edge: The power has been increased from 200 to 210
  • Gust Slash: The power has been increased from 140 to 160, while the combined power has been increased from 300 to 320
  • EOLIAN EDGE: The power increased from 120 to 140, the power of the subsequent attack increased from 180 to 200, the power of the combo increased from 340 to 360 and the power of the rear combo increased from 400 to 420
  • Armor Crush: The power has been increased from 120 to 140, the flank attack power has been increased from 180 to 200, the combo power has been increased from 320 to 340 and the flank combo power has been increased from 380 to 400.
  • Host Randy: The power has been increased from 1200 to 1300


  • HAZE: The power has been increased from 150 to 180
  • Input: The combined power has been increased from 250 to 280
  • Shift: The power of the combo has been increased from 250 to 280
  • CGI Namibia: The power has been increased from 800 to 900
  • Kasai: Namibia: The power has been increased from 1200 to 1350


  • Drill: The power has been increased from 550 to 570
  • Air Anchor: The power has been increased from 550 to 570
  • Chainsaw: The power has been increased from 550 to 570


  • Waterfall: The power has been increased from 180 to 220
  • Source: The combined power has been increased from 240 to 280
  • Reverse cascade: the power has been increased from 240 to 280
  • Fountain fall: The power has been increased from 300 to 340
  • Technical finish: The power of four steps has been increased from 1080 to 1200.

Taumaturgo / black magician

  • Fire III: The power has been increased from 240 to 260
  • Blizzard III: The power has been increased from 240 to 260
  • Blizzard IV: The power has been increased from 300 to 310
  • Fire IV: The power has been increased from 300 to 310
  • XenogLossy: The power has been increased from 660 to 760


  • Astral impulse: The power has been increased from 430 to 440
  • Ruby Rite: The power has been increased from 430 to 450
  • Fire source: The power has been increased from 520 to 540.

  • It is no longer required that the group of the Dragon Sight Target group remains within 15 years to activate Left Eye. The animation of channeling between the dragon and its objective has been eliminated.



  • A problem in which audio keystrokes were produced in certain conditions. For players who continue to undergo audio playback issues after the launch of patch 6.08, we ask that they consider disabling Danseuse / Dual shock 4 functionality.
  • A issue in the battle against Proto-Omega at the Stigma Dreamscape dungeon in which Guided Missile and Chemical Missile did not select the objectives correctly.
  • A issue in which the Ninja Eve Phantom KamaiTachi action and the piece action consolation of the scholar could crawl from the Actions list of the Actions and Features menu.
  • A issue in which the effect of the JCE action of the white magician Thin Air did not apply to instant launch spells executed immediately after activating Thin Air.
  • A issue in which the description of the feature of the improved arcane ridge was incorrect. This issue did not affect the functionality of this feature.
  • A issue in which the PVP action of the Arcane Crest mow did not grant the Crest of Time Returned effect to group members to more than 1 calm away.
  • A issue in fishing with Harmon in which the fish did not count as captured even though the capture animation was shown.
  • A issue in which Article Dance Pole could be sold to NPC suppliers.
  • A issue in which the male VERA graphics were not correctly displayed when moving under the transportation state.
  • A issue when using Group Pose as a wise with an unsheathed weapon in which certain gestures in the special category did not work properly.
  • A issue in which the graphics of the NPC Kochab were not shown correctly.
  • A issue in which the NPC Coconut was not under certain conditions.
  • A issue in which the sound effects that were reproduced in certain areas of Old Charlatan were incorrect.

Accident with bus: Bernal suffers Thoraxtrauma and breaks

Vernal has suffered a thigh and pile glass and a thoracic trauma during a training accident. Vernal has already been operated after the delivery into a clinic as a result of a collision with a bus.

The procedure was successful, Vernal should remain 72 hours in the intensive care unit. The nearby Bogotá university clinic La Sabina shared. You have immediately started with the rehabilitation process.

Columbia President Tuque, Cacao and Co. press Thumbs

Many athletes like the Colombian cyclist Near Quinton and footballer Rafael Cacao expressed their sympathy in social networks. Also, Colombia’s President Iván Duque wanted Vernal Via Twitter a speedy recovery. Vernal has been a national hero at the latest since his tour victory 2019 in Colombia.

Vernal’s British Ineos-Grenadiers team had still referred to the state of his star after admission to the hospital as stable. In the corresponding message, the blessings of the Giro d’Italia winner were designated only as space and cut wounds.

Further information on the accident in the Gachancipa, which was about 30 km from the capital Bogotá, Ines Grenadiers had not yet mentioned in his communication. According to the local transport authorities, however, the tour winner bounced on a bus from 2019 as the vehicle stopped at a stop.

In social networks circulated photos of the accident site. On the pictures Vernal is lying on the ground and surrounded by his teammates as well as a bump in the tail of the bus.

Vernal recently prepared with parts of his team in his homeland on the upcoming season. Just a few days ago, the South Americans and his colleagues were just under a misfortune during a training ride, when a vehicle apparently absorbed out of control was tailored to the driver’s powder and the group had to escape with difficulty.


Vernal return is still completely open

The crash at the beginning of the week raises Vernal in the objective for the upcoming competitions. When he can sit again in the racing saddle, is initially open. Vernal had announced great goals at the beginning of the year. He wool to return to the tour, he said after the extension of his contract with Ines Grenadiers by 2026.

Vernal was in 2020 a year after his surprise success for the recently last time at the France tour. However, because of a back injury, he had to give up prematurely and thus buried his hopes for successful title defense. Last year, Vernal renounced a start at the Grand Bouclé, instead started at the Giro d’Italia – and won this for the first time.

His focus wanted to go back to the big loop until his accident. I signed for the best years of my life, said Vernal in the announcement of further cooperation with his team. Of the three major tours in Italy, France and Spain, Delta (start on 19 August) will take place in the latest in the year.

Killer Instinct takes control of Twitch Rivals

Twitch Rivals has recently passed to the old school with a Killer Instinct tournament after finding the success with Ultimate Marvel Vs Cap com 3. The Streamer Twitch Maximilian Good who welcomed the Ultimate Marvel Vs Cap com 3 tournament returned to host the next Killer Instinct tournament. Bringbackki from Twitch Rivals was broadcast yesterday, February 1st, while Killer Instinct is available on Xbox One, PC and Xbox Game Pass via Rare Replay.

Twitch Rivals organized an Ultimate Marvel vs Cap com 3 with great success in November, which apparently led to the next Killer Instinct tournament. On November 23, Twitch Rivals joined the famous Fighting Games Content Creator and Streamer Twitch Maximilian Good when they hosted UMVC3 Lives. This highlighted the niche fighting title, while the Killer Instinct tournament will highlight another dated combat game. Although this can bring more ocular globes to the classic combat game, it will be interesting if it stimulates interest for another new installation of the series.

It’s time of Bringbackki… again! Thanks to Twitch Rivals, we will organize a tournament of 32 people, said Maximilian Good. Thanks to one of the biggest games / combat communities, and I hope we can show it to everyone… for those who ask for it, yes, it’s Berserker Mike who resumes his role as an advertiser of I 2013! We do not currently know if Twitch Rivals has reached the number of UMVC3 live viewers with Bringbackki, but the tournament still has a lot of eyes on the Killer Instinct dated franchise.


Twitch Rivals is primarily known for hosting Fortnite, Valor, League of Legends and FIFA tournaments, but they also point to projectors on older titles like Killer Instinct and Ultimate Marvel vs Cap com 3. Are you looking forward to seeing the next old school TWITCH RIVERS TOURNAMENT? Let us know in the comments below!

God of War: How to get a greater flame ridge

EC EU Reforge d’Objects et de Substances Important Quit Pounds Eyre utilizes pour Fabric et amplifier l’equipment by Rates et d’Atreus, Mai’s Certain Event Eyre Beau coup Plus difficile à obtain that d’Actress, à Mains that Vows Ne Sanchez exact Of search for. Here is How to make the ridge of the flame greater in God of War. .

How to get a larger llama crest in God of War

Collect fragments of Encryption of Mülheim

This special article is used to manufacture and improve several pieces of armor and can only be found in the kingdom of fire, Mülheim. Once you have obtained the encrypted fragments, and you have completed the travel rune, you can travel to Mülheim using the Kingdom’s Travel Room in the middle of the Nine Lake.

Encryption fragments can be found out of the ordinary silver cores that contain skulls. The chests are seen as the one in the image below:

You can access the realm of fire very early in the game depending on the scan you do, but it will be difficult to get the upper flame ridges on your first trip to Mülheim.

Complete the impossible evidence of Mülheim

Mülheim is essentially a challenge tower in a six-level volcano. The levels of one to five have a normal test and a difficult test. You must complete the five and then defeat Valkyrie at the top to restart the tests of the first five levels.

Once the levels are restored, they are established in an impossible difficulty. You will have the opportunity to gain creases of superior flames when completing these tasting tests, and once you have completed three of five, the top test can be tried again. Do this routine as many times as necessary until you have all the Mülheim update items you want.

However, this kingdom is extremely difficult to cross, so it is recommended that Rates have at least one level of six or higher equipment in more difficult difficulties to reach the top of Mülheim the first time.

That’s all you need to know about How to make the shell crest larger in God of War. . Be sure to check our God of War wiki guide to get more tips, tricks and other useful game information if you are looking for more suggestions.

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11-year balance adjustment, Diablo 2 patch 2.4 change point

2.4 patches containing balanced regulations in Diablo 2 were released. Adjusting the utilization of each job, and the new rune ring and hydration are added.

Blizzard released the Diablo 2: Leisure 2.4 patch notes to be applied to the test server (PTR) on the 22nd. The contents of the patch are summarized as balancing control, new items and systems, and tooltips and play changes.

In the case of Amazon, the benefits of increasing the benefits of using proximity techniques and the patches of how they have benefited to the point investment of lightning proximity techniques. At the same time, the frequency of use such as piercing and tucking and turbulence increased the power of the proximity technology, and the conversation of the conversation was changed to be more widely used compared to the oblique pit. In addition, we have improved the ‘inner vision’ and ‘deceleration’ radius, and after using ‘shed’ and ‘avoidance’, Dillon reduced Dillon while the animation is regenerated. In the bow and cracking technology, it improved the amount of damage to the flame bow at a high level, and the elemental arrow MANA was reduced. The ‘stated’ technology also gave the incremental increase in weapon damage reduction effects, so that it has advantages over the remaining physical bowing technologies.


The assassin is changing the martial arts technique, which is greatly changed, and the charge is consumed when the regular attack is used, and the combat can be performed while maintaining the number of charging. The damage to the low-frequency of use was increased, and the effects of increased trapping techniques have been increased, and synergy improvement was improved.

The barbarian agents have been further assured of convenience and tooltip descriptions, and ‘battlefield implications’ and ‘creeping Ho shin’ and the like have strengthened. In addition, a thinning probability was added to the thriving skill, it is easier to treat the enemy with a crushing technique, and improved the operating speed of the leap technology and the increase in attack value per level. In addition, the synergy of ‘ideation’ and ‘lighting’ was changed.

Druid increased the utilization of flame technology, and the ‘polar blast’ and ‘stone wind’, which we believe the power fell, was upgraded. In addition, in the transformation state, an element enhancement effect technique is enabled, and the hassle of continuing to change the shape to maintain the strengthening effect. In the case of transformation, the werewolf raise the hit rate, the bear man was raised in the Gretel. Finally, summoning removes the ‘random vitality’ value that was not visible in the summons and was consistently controlled the damage.

The Code of Code has also improved summoning technology that was low frequently used. Skeletal magic scholars, bones, flame golem, and steel golem were improved to give more powerful and stable damage, and increase the synergy bonus to enhance the bone technology to suit the second half of the game, enhancing the absorption of the victims per level of the bone armor I raised rewarding. The weakening technology has also added a decrease in damage per level, making it clear to identify identity.

The Ghost has reinforced the performance of the wilderness Aura, which is useful for the mall, and the ‘divine flame’ was upward. In the case of ‘Thorn’, when the attack was hit, not reflecting the damage, but when attacking is attacked, it has changed to give a fixed damage, and it has made it possible to exert a consistent combat performance. In addition, the use of ‘divine light stem’ and ‘heavenly fists’ with low frequency were changed to enforce the logic to make it more widely used.

Finally, an element of an element are a patch that broadens the width of the technology build, which improves the frequency of use in cold, lightning, and flame sectors, respectively, and adding synergies.

In addition to the balance patch, the mercenary has changed consistent with the character level, the new rune ring, and the Hydration manufacturing method used to upgrade the unique item, and the change is also applied to the set item bonus.

The patch with the balance patch and the change is applied to the 26-day PTR server, and the existing character progress of the existing PTR server is initialized with the patch application. The period of application is notified, and details will be further disclosed in the future with new news related to ladder rating.

Handball: Russias Remis against Spain crushed at the post

The Russians began concentrated against the up to date loss-free Spaniards, but after a 1-3 backlog, Spain gradually set off and gained in the meantime. Since Russia Keeper Victor Kiev showed numerous and sometimes spectacular parades, the game remained open, the leadership changed a few times. Space after 21 minutes: 9: 8 for the Russians.

Even with the Spaniard there was no reason to counter. Goalkeeper Rodrigo Corrals from the Hungarian top club Vesper brought a bodily part of the ball again and again, even showed a more than his opposite pause with nine parades, so the defending champion with a narrow 12: 11 lead in the cabins. Igor Stroke (4 goals) and on Spanish side Augustin Canada Marcelo (5) had once again presented themselves accurately.

The game remained on the knife cutting edge, the first two-goal lead after the break there was in the 36th minute – for Russia (16:14). At the latest from the 46th minute, they had to worry about Spain, Santa with his fifth goal as well as shortly thereafter Khamenei set to 22:18 for the European Champion of 1996.

Russian leadership melts

Many unnecessary mistakes could be melted the lead within a few seconds. Over pieces and now with the DHB-Freck Gonzalo Perez de Vargas in the box, the Bear picked up before coach Delimit Petrovich at the stand of 22:21 took a break (48.). In the 54th minute Spain also took his timeout at 24:24 and immediately went back to the first time at 25:24.

Spain – Russia: The game in the ticker

From the 55th minute was a 26:25 for Spain on the scoreboard, at once none of the two teams hit the goal more. Russia brought the ball for 50 seconds in front of the ball, but Spain brought again in possession of the opponent.


Eight seconds before the end, Russia got the ball again, but almost from the zero angle, right outside Shishkarev took the litter, but was slightly touched. The referees looked at the scene again on the video screen and decided on seven meters. Stroke joined – and pounded the ball to the post! Spain had come away with a blue eye, the defending champion has now 6: 0 points best prospects on the semifinals.

Russia – Spain 25:26 (11:12)

Russia: Gaucho, Firewood – Santa low 6, Stroke 4, Andrew 3, Krakow 3, A. Kowtow 2, Schischkarew 2, Winogradow 2, Khamenei 1, Corner 1/1, Schitnikow 1, SEMI, Ostashchenko, Work, Wrarshevich

Spain: Corrals, Perez de Vargas – Canada 7, Fernández 4, Manuela 4, Marquez Coloma 4, Sole Sale 3/3, Gomez Abel lo 2, Figures 1, Garcia 1, Amino, Guardiola, Turbine, Odriozola, Medina, Sanchez Migration Navajo

Referee: Mads Hansen (Denmark) / Jesper Madsen (Denmark)

Spectators: 2021

penalty minutes: 2 / –

Biathlon: Benedict Doll wins mass start of men in Antholz

Biathlete Benedict Doll has set a big exclamation mark for 13 days before the start of the Olympic Games in Beijing (4 to 20 February) and impressively underlined its medal ambitions.

The 31-year-old triumphed at the World Cup in Anthony in mass start over 15 km. For doll, most recently already in the sprint of Upholding, it was the third World Cup victory of his career. Most recently he won in December 2019 in the sprint of Annecy.

Doll won in the last single race of men from Olympia in 37: 14.9 minutes with a shooting mistake in front of the Norwegians Johannes Thingies BO (3 / + 31,3) and Stella Hold Agreed (3/1: 28.8 minutes). Johannes Kuhn, so far only German season winner, came after surviving Corona infection after five shooting errors (+3: 21.4) rank 19. Roman Sees (6/3: 33.0) occupied the 21st place. Erik Lesser and Philipp Na wrath had dispensed with Angola on the World Cup.

I’m incredibly happy. After the last shoot I knew it’s run really well. I told me that I’m offensively ranked and risked something. It is really nice that it was up to victory, a radiant said Doll in the ARD. Even ex-colleague And Gaffer was excited after Doll had even held in chess on the last round even the Norwegian Johannes Thingies BO. He did not let himself be rewarded and has been rewarded. The shape and self-confidence, said Gaffer, but adding to Olympia: He has to remain humble.

On Sunday (12.15 clock in the live ticker), the season is still over 4×7.5 km on the program. However, the season does not have the relay towards Olympia, as the DSV team will compete with the second set.

Biathlon: Mass launch of the men in Atwood result

Place Name Time error
1. Benedict Doll 37: 14.90 1
2. Johannes Thingies BO +31,30 3
3rd SEURA Hold Agreed +1: 28.80 3
4. Antonin Guigonnat +1: 34.70 2
5. Divert Taken +1: 35,20 3

Biathlon: Mass launch of the gentlemen in Anthony – the Live ticker for reading

Partway in front of ways

Niklas Harte has given a decent mass start debut. Although he shot six penal trials, he is in place in 23 and thus a rank in front of his compatriot.

Austrian just past top ten


Simon Ever and Felix Later have just missed the first ten places, in the finish they are on eleven and twelve. Johannes Kuhn becomes 19th, Roman Sees 21. Both have made too many criminal trials today.

Two Norwegians on the podium

BO and Madrid secure the other podium places. Behind it, Guigonnat can prevail in battle with taken and secure fourth place. The Finn Sepals could also convince and lands in six place.

Biathlon: Mass launch of the gentlemen in Anthony wins now in Live ticker – Doll

Doll in the destination

Benedict Doll wins the mass start! With only one mistake and excellent mileage he was able to take 30 seconds ahead of the goal.

final round

Doll can hold the lead and even builds it! It looks almost after the first win of the season and the third World Cup victory for the Germans!

Fourth Shooting

Everyone now shoots penalty trials. As a third on the track goes a satellite, he already has a minute behind. Then follow Sepals and Guigonnat. Kramer, Taken, Ever and Later are also under the first ten after shooting.

Biathlon: Mass launch of the men in Anthony Now in Live ticker – Doll leads after the 4th shooting

Fourth Shooting

Who wins? BO shoots again quickly, but leaves the last disc. Doll remains without error! This is the first to go to the final round with 7.1 second lead. That will be a very exciting final round!

Doll with good running form

Doll also proves today that it is in good shape. Together with BO he runs the fastest round. He has a good twelve seconds behind the Norwegian.

Johannes Thingies BO remains leading

The first two places have remained the same: At the round, BO leads in front of Doll, Sepals and Larvae both have a residue 35 seconds. Five place is Kramer.

Many errors

Ever and Later each shoot a penalty. David Combat has to be twice in the round. In Roman Sees, it does not work today, there is a penalty of the penalty.

Biathlon: Mass launch of the men in Anthony Now in the Linebacker – 3. Shooting

Third shooting

BO shoots fast and has to turn extra meters. Benedict Doll scores the last shot. Guigonnat has to be twice in the round. Sepals, Ladder and Kramer remain without error and can make places.

The field

Felix Later is located with two criminal trials in the middle of the field. Doll can hold the residue on BO and hardly loses. The Finn Sepals is also under the first ten.

BO leads

BO, Doll and Guigonnat are the first three. Between BO and Doll are six seconds. Guigonnat already has 26 seconds behind. Then come a group that is led by taken.

Biathlon: Mass launch of the gentleman in Anthony now in the Linebacker – 2. Shooting

Second shooting

Benedict Doll shoots faultless! Latino only meets a slice and says goodbye to the front placements. Johannes Thingies BO was the first to go to the track. In the case of Roman Sees, however, another two criminal trials come to this. Also bold must circle twice.

Run to the shooting range

The first ten are together within twelve seconds.

The Norwegians lead the field

Only eleven biathlete could shoot flawlessly, including Simon Ever. Agreed has taken the lead. Benjamin Weber has a residue for 35 seconds and lies in 16th place. The field pushes more and more on the round.

Biathlon: Mass launch of the gentlemen in Anthony now in the live ticker – 1. Shoot

First shoot

The BO brother must go to the penalty. Taken is first out of Stella Hold Madrid. Kuhn is fourth place after a faultless shooting insert, doll is seventh. For Roman Sees, the race does not start well, he has to cycle twice.


Smoke has found the connection quickly. Johannes Thingies BO takes over the lead and attracts the pace a bit. This can settle for a few meters.

Biathlon: Mass launch of the men in Anthony Now in the live ticker – start

It starts!

The starting shot sounds, the field goes closed on the round. Anton Smoke has lost the ski and has a few seconds behind. Christiansen introduces the field from Dillon Millet.

Biathlon: Mass start of the men in Anthony now in the live ticker – before starting

Before starting: Favorites! The starters from Russia, France and Norway are the favorites on the victory. Anton Smoke (BLR) can also have a word.

Before starting: Way back, Partway gives debut! In addition to debutant Niklas Harte Benjamin Weber is back to his corona disease. As an 18th in the World Cup he is qualified for the mass start. In single races he missed the top ten with eleven. Harte and walker go to the start for Switzerland.

Before starting: the Austrians. Simon Ever, Felix Later and David Combat are the hopes of the Austrian fans. Everything is possible for you today. Later has already shown that he can run at the front with good shooting deposits.

Before starting: The German starters. Benedict Doll, Johannes Kuhn and Roman Sees fight for good placements today. Just Benedict Doll and Johannes Kuhn can be candidates for the podium in good shooting. Erik Lesser and Philipp Na wrath would also be qualified, but not start.

Before starting: Surprises! The second of the World Cup and the man in red, Emilie Jacqueline, is not there – he renounces other competitions from Olympia and trains individually. There are five mass start debutants. Campbell Wright from New Zealand, American Paul Schooner, Vytautas Stroll from Lithuania, Ollie Hiidensalo (FIN) and the Swiss Niklas Harte are now allowed to trade today.

Before starting: the field. The 30 best of the World Cup will go to the start today: The first 25 starting places will be awarded according to the overall World Cup, there are still five more starters who could convince in the single parting with a good placement.

Before starting: After the single race last Thursday, the mass start today is the second men’s competition in the South Tyrolean community Anthony. For Germany, Benedict Doll, Johannes Kuhn and Roman Sees go. Not involved are Erik Lesser and Philipp Na wrath. The two are currently in the training camp for the upcoming Olympic Games in Beijing (opening ceremony: February 4)

Before starting: The race over 15 kilometers starts at 12.50.

Before starting: Hello and welcome to the mass start of the gentlemen in Anthony (Italy).

Biathlon: Mass launch of the men in Anthony today on TV and Livestream

If you want to track the mass start of the men live today, has several options for this. On the one hand, the ARD transmits the race in the free TV and in the free livestream. On the other hand, EUROSPORT offers the World Cup in Pay TV on Eurosport 2 and in the chargeable livestream.

On the LiveStream of Eurosport you can also get access via DAZN because of the joint cooperation. This requires a DAZN subscription, which is for 14.99 euros per month or 149.99 euros per year.

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Biathlon: The stand in the World Cup of Gentlemen

Rank | NAME | Point — 1 | Quentin Dillon Millet | 602 2 | Emilie Jacqueline | 501 3 | Sebastian Samuelson | 484 4 | Tanja By | 458 5 | Alexander Login ow | 413 6 | Title Shasta Christiansen | 407 7 | Johannes Thingies By | 386 8 | Stella Hold Lægreid | 384 9 | Simon Restroom | 383 10 | Anton Smoke | 382

Recovery from Pokemon GO “Recovery from Pause. At the same time, the post of “100 girapokemon get” has attracted attention

NIANTIC announces that Pokemon’s trade function is paused for a defect survey at the position information game Pokemon GO on January 20th. On January 21, the following day, he said that the problem was solved. The content of the specific defect has not been revealed. However, in the direction, this worker reported an abnormal occurrence of Kirapokemon obtained by the trader.

Pokemon GO is a position information game that Nintendo and Niantic will work. The player caught and trained Pokemon in the map linked to the real world, and trigger and challenge the battle. This work has a trade function, which consumes the currency hoshino and can exchange hands holding Pokemon with friends. At the time of the trade, there is also benefit from the distance of the place where each Pokemon is obtained. In addition, I’m glad that it occurs. At the time of trading, each Pokemon replaced may be a special Korapo Kemon who scolds the brilliance. Kirapokemon is also specially counted in a picture book or the like, and resources needed for training are also reduced. I’m glad I got it sometimes it’s Kirapokemon.

However, the method of obtaining Kirapokemon is limited. First, normal trade occurs occasionally. As a means to generate reliably, a trade with Kira Friend is present. There is a system that accumulates good relationships with friends and exchange with friends. If the degree of goodness is extremely high and the exchange is further deepened, it may be a kilafold state that Kirapokemon will surely occur in the trade only once daily. Besides, it is believed that the alapoxemonation rate can be raised due to factors such as the trade of Pokemon held for a long time. However, there are few opportunities for sure that Kirapokemon can be obtained, and basically there is no choice but to leave it to luck. It is a nice lucky element when it hits.

However, the user who scored such a killed Kimon at a stretch at the other overseas bulletin board REDDIT appeared. This user exchanges the friend and 100 pokemon and posted that all of them became Kirapokemon. As evidence, we present a screenshot that is also glad to be glad that Kirapokemon is lined with a place. According to the poster, friends and contributors are likely to be in a kirafled state with each other. And even if Pokemon has been replaced, it has not ended with a splash, and it has been a long time to replace Pokemon.

I want to keep in mind that this post is an opaque point that is a fact. As a fact, I do not know if this user has led to NIANTIC’s response al1. However, the same post was done on January 20th morning. It was a wonderful, day / US Niantic official Twitter account, and it was just before announcing a defect survey and a doubt. The post itself has attracted the attention of many users, and it is not unlikely that the posts of Niantic have remained. In other words, there may also be a circumstance that it responded immediately to the act of abuse of the problem. Even so, the friend needs to be physically close to a certain degree of trading, and it takes a long time to replace 100 Pokemon. It is honest that there is a friend of good friend who will be associated with it.

The reaction sent to the post is also a comment that flys the jokes with the trade function stop is because the trade function stop is, and it tends to enjoy rather than criticism. In addition, a large amount of Kirapokemon is lined up, and it is an impression that shoes and impact than zulu is won.

In any case, the glitter fever condition is currently sealed due to the quick response of Niantic. The company mitigates the maximum number of trade times for the first day until January 25, January 25, as a compensation for this trade function stop. There is no exchanges that the replacement is leaked. Going forward, get Kirapokemon will only likely to put a steady trading and fortunate.

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