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Expeditions: Rome has just received a new trailer. What makes this new interesting overview is that it gives the community of players a more in-depth exploration of the type of music that the game has to offer. The players will know more about what they can expect during his launch on January 20th.

As seen in the new trailer, a lot of work and effort have been devoted to shipments: the original strip of Rome. Developer Logic Artists wanted to make sure the fans have an authentic idea of ​​the game through his music. That said, the strip of the game is entirely composed of instruments recorded live.

The team behind shipments: Rome has made a lot of brainstorming and research just to determine which types of instruments use. The developers wanted to use instruments that were already present during the game period. These instruments were then modernized in order to also bring a modern aspect.

The developers shared that the most important thing about the soundtrack of any game is the character. The themes are flexible outside the main theme based on the main characters of the game. This means that each of the 300 potential purposes that players may have to be distinct from each other.

Each of the four main areas presented in shipments: Rome has its own identity through its music. The same goes for each emotional beat of the background story, as well as for exploration, the characters and the fighting of the game.

Expeditions: Rome takes place in the good old days of the Roman Empire, with its army conquering just about everything. Players will have to face a small group of characters as they go down to take different cities.

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