Alaina Lady Dimitrescu (Japanese: オルチーナ ・ ドミトレスク in Japanese) is a personality in the 2021 survival scary game Resident Evil Village, developed and also released by Cap com. One of the significant hostile numbers of Village, she is offered as a massive noblewoman with vampire-like traits that stays with her 3 little girls in Castle Dimitrescu, her fortress within the location of the titular Eastern European town encountered by protagonist Ethan Winters. Dimitrescu controls the town alongside three mutant lords under the oversight of a superior leader understood as Mother Miranda.
Complying with initial sneak peeks of Village, Girl Dimitrescu unexpectedly climbed in popularity and has come to be based on a considerable quantity of fan-driven labor, consisting of follower art, cosplay, memes, and erotica. Reporters as well as analysts remembered of the trend, which started well before the launch of Village in Might 2021, attributing the quick rise of fan rate of interest in the character to various facets of her look and sex appeal.

The combo of I Hate You from I Love You is too large from the morning… And somehow, I will leave my impression somehow, but the 2021 series was the last time this time. That’s why the 85th will make an English reading test while looking back on the game and events of this year. Some you need to check it, but try to challenge even a little of time.

Answer The Questions.

1: Chichi Fujiyama, The Composer of Dragon Quest and Popular Songs, Passed Away in October. How Old Was He When He Died?

2: AT The Opening Ceremony of the TOKYO2020 Olympic Games, Which Company DID Not Play Any Music?
A, Square Enix B, Banzai NAMC C, Nintendo D, INAMI

3: Sort The Following Games of this Year in Order of Release Date.
Tales of Arise, Bravely Default II, Ratchet & Clank: RIFT APART, R-TYPE FINAL 2

4: Which Game Won The Game of the Year Award this year?
A, Death loop B, IT Takes Two C, Resident Evil Village D, Metro id Dread

5: How Many Songs Were Played for Parade of Nations?

6: How Many People ARE Required to Play It Takes Two?

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 – The Official Video Game Review - The Final Verdict

7: WHO IS The Actor Starring in Lost Judgement?

8: What is the Format of Services Such AS Xbox Game Pass and Ea Play?

9: Choose the Different One From The Following and Give The Reason.
A, Resident Evil Village B, Battlefield 2042 C, Far Cry 6 D, Return

10: In The Plot of Neo: The World Ends With You, Where is The Place The Came From?

11: How Many Targets Colt Must Kill to End The Loop in Death loop?

12: What is the Thing That Mono Is Wearing on His Head in Little Nightmare II?

13: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition Was Released in 2021/11/11. How Many Years Have Passed Since The Original Version WAS Release?

14: The Arranged Music of the Game Was Nominated for the Grammy Award This Year. What is the Game?

15: What is the Name of the Tribe Which Is Good At Working with Wood in Timber born?

Read The Passages and Answer The Questions.

Long Ago, A Young Girl Went with Her Mother To Pick Berries for Her Father Her WHO WAS Hard at Work.
But The Forest Greeted Them With A Dark, Cold Silence, The Bush WAS Empty.
Yet, DETERMINED To Find The Berries, The Rascal Broke Free From Mother’s Grasp and Vanished Into the Trees.

16: WHO WAS with the girl?

17: WHY DID They Go to the Dark Forest?

18: Why Did The Girl Rush Into The Forest?

19: What is this Game?

ITS FACE Her Exudes A Fearsome Malice, And Its Hide Her Is As Tough As Armor, As IF IT Were The Physical Manifestation of the Grudges of Fallen Warriors.
The Purple Gas That Rises from its Body Her When It Eats Other Monsters is Called Hellfire, and It Makes —– is Already Ferocious Attacks Even More Destructive.

20: WHEN DOES Hellfire Appear?
A, hunt b, rage c, fear d, be exhausted

21: What is the Nature of this monster?
A, Fearful B, Passive C, Contrary D, Aggressive

23: What Does This Monster Look Like?
A. Brutal B, Brilliant C, Gentle D, Gorgeous

24: What is This Game?

Answer The Question.

25: What is the Most Favorite Game You Played This Year? Give The Reason.

The problem of the test is painful, but if it is the topic of the game, there are many people who feel that you can read. Overseas game articles should be some extent if they are the story of the title you know.

If the end work is over and get a breath, let’s search by SNS, even when you are going to go to the SNS. You may find a surprising lover story that doesn’t turn in Japan.