OUR is still there for you today on Christmas Eve for you, and you have a very special gift. Of course, you will learn about Mango.

What happened this week in Destiny 2? Last week, players in Destiny 2 completed their triumphal seal for the 30-year bungee package. In addition, their cosmic sugar cubes at impossible horses delivered and incidentally at Eva a lot of gloss dust kink.

Buggies Game Director Joe Blackburn has also discussed NFTs last week. This was already in October at Bungee’s Game Designer Max Nichols’s theme. He informed that this current trend in online gaming, which is discussed controversial, nothing to look in gaming.

The one or the other good roll also dropped for one of the breaking weapons. In addition, Mango has made a very special linear fusion gun attentively, which is not only worth a closer look for its unique stasis neck:

Destiny 2: The currently the strongest Power Weapon in Season 15 is a surprise

All information about OUR on 24th December 2021 — PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Google Stadia

When is OUR? OUR has become a Daily Reset at 18:00 on his location. There he will wait for you until December 28, 18:00, so that your Christmas present can pick up with him.

Then he flies back to his treasury until he receives new Loot of the nine next week.

Where is OUR? That’s his camp for the weekend

The position of OUR: OUR is snowed on Christmas Eve in the Tower Hangar, where you can find it now.

FURS Inventory from 24.12. Until 28.12. — All exotics at a glance

What has OUR on offer? As always, OUR will have an exotic weapon and armor for all characters, so for Warlocks, Hunters and Titans. We do not know exactly what he will have. But the Christmas elves whisper, he might bring a real surprise.

Weapon: The Prospector — Marcus Granite Water for 29 Legendary Fragments

TITAN: One-eyed mask — empty head protection for 23 legendary fragments

Destiny 2: XUR IS SELLING TRIALS OF OSIRIS LOOT ???? | Xur Location & Inventory (Dec 24 to 27)
Mobility: +12
Resilience: +11
Recreation: +10
Discipline: +12
Intellect: +6
Strength: +9
Total: 60

Hunter: Bay Beer — Arius Chest protection for 23 legendary fragments

Mobility: +14
Resilience: +9
Recreation: +9
Discipline: +13
Intellect: +9
Strength: +10
Total: 64

Warlock : The deer — empty head protection for 23 legendary fragments

Mobility: +8
Loadability: +2
Recreation: +24
Discipline: +8
Intellect: +2
Strength: +20
Total: 64

At Christmas, the Trials scout rifle of scholars brings to you as a special gift. In addition, he has the armor set Swinging toners on offer.

This has always been with OUR with: Safe is already that you get an exotic engram for 97 legendary fragments and the weekly quest for an exotic code.

If you are still looking for a more detailed recommendation, Excess has an info video to all equipment from OUR for you:

The tests of Osiris on 24.12. — Map, weapons and info

Which map is this week on it? The Trials map for the Christmas weekend is endless valley on Census. The 14th saint awaits you.

So you get your trials Loot: Meanwhile, the Focused Lot System of the 14th Saint is already known to many keepers. You no longer get his Loot through three, five and seven WINS, but through:

Seven victories
50 rounds
the infamous flawless run

This is the reward for a flawless run: As a reward for your flawless Run, this weekend is waiting for the Stasis linear fusion rifle Reeds regret on you. In addition, you will receive additional exam points, so that your faster levels.

If you have received your wish weapon, you can specifically focus your exam engrams. On top of that there are improvement prisms and ascendant fragments. Remember that your reward will continue to increase as soon as you have a full pass — even if you lost one or two games.

When start the trials? Start the trials as usual to Daily Reset at 18:00.

Are you also gambling at the Christmas weekend Destiny 2 or take a break and let it take a quiet? What are your wishes today? Write it to us in the comments.

In our own thing: You would like to give you the most favorite wishes for Christmas and 2022 in a video from the editors:

Christmas video greetings from the Mango editorial