There are League of Legends champions with a very delicate balance. These are characters that can make very different things in trained hands, or in the players of ELO low. Rye, teacher Yi or Tryndamere are particularly complicated to balance for Riot Games, since your user’s playing ability determines even if they are healthy for the balance of the game.

In this sense, JANNA It could well be one of these problematic characters. The support of the wind usually happens to be an authentic barbarity in Solo, not to see it ever. The reason is that it is tremendously dependent on the methane, as well as a good time it makes it particularly powerful in the qualifying items. Therefore, is a moment of a small minirework.

Janna Rework - All Changes | League of Legends
all changes to Janna with patch 12.1

It will be with the next 12.1 patch, the first of next season, when we see this little Janna Rework in all its splendor. Riot August, one of the developers with the most popularity of League of Legends, has just commented on Twitter the adjustment: We are taking poker power from their W and their attacks and giving it to change utility. The one is now much better spell if It is used offensively. What makes the best in that sense is the minimum rank and speed. The Q loaded is much more complicated to dodge.

The League of Legends patch 12.1 will be launched on January 5, 2022. That will be the starting point of the new season in the Riot Games, and also the time in which Janna suffers all these changes.