The Grand Exchange Tax has Changed! Weekly Recap 12/01/2021! [OSRS]

A new ERA ERIE SCHOOL RuneScape starts. The latest Update introduced taxes from in-game transactions, which is to help to heal the economy / economy and eliminate excess cash from OARS. From now on any transaction (over 100 gold) made with a Grand Exchange will be charged with a 1-percent tax. The percentage applies to each subject separately, so if you sell many pieces of the same item, then the percentage will be charged from a single copy, not a total amount. Important: The upper tax limit has been designated for 5 million. So even if you sell something for over 500 million, you will still pay that amount. By the way, a rebuilt interface that now shows black on white, how much tax is and how much the amount obtained. So you do not have to worry about hidden costs. Details here.