After learning everything related to new socket fclga1700 of the new processors Intel Core 12VA generation, now we visit the team of Hours Mexico to talk about needs to make an Aourus Mexicosembly with this CPU.

On this occAourus Mexicoion we talk with Ricardo Barbosa, a hardware specialist who explained that kind of components are needed to make a correct Aourus Mexicosembly.

What do you need to break your computer? Minute 1:41.
Type of cooling systems. Minute 3:33.
Power supply. Minute 6:45.
RAM memories. Minute 10:35.
PCIE Minute 15:37.
Advantages of having components of the same line: 17:30

Components used in this video

Processor: Intel Core I9 12600K
Motherboard: Horus Z690 Pro
Cooling system: Hours Waterford x 240
Memories: 32 GB Horus Memory DDR5 at 5200 MHz
Source of power: Horus AP750GM

12th Gen Core Alder Lake SoC Features Explained | Intel Technology
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