Pharaoh is an isometric city-building game that was launched on October 31, 1999, developed by Impressions Games and released by Sierra Studios, for Microsoft Windows. Using the very same game engine and also principles of Caesar III (additionally by Sierra Amusement), it is the very first such game in Sierra’s City Building collection to focus on one more civilization of old times. Gamers manage the building and construction and also administration of cities and settlements in Ancient Egypt, micro-managing every aspect of the city to ensure citizens are fed, used, healthy and balanced as well as shielded from diseases, catastrophes and battles. A growth pack, Cleopatra: Queen of the Nile, was launched in 2000, created by Breakaway Games. In 2001, both the game and expansion pack were packed with each other as Pharaoh Gold. In August 2020, a remake labelled Pharaoh: A New Era was introduced by Russell Interactive as well as Dot emu to be released in 2021.

Over time, some games have risen to icons of their genres and not a few of them may have played some of you in childhood — depending on how old you are of course. A classic among the strategy games is now superimpicuous and could not only sweeten 2022 for those who remember the game.

Clay, flax and linen are stacking in the warehouse, while they let their small town blossom along the mighty Nile. But beware — pays attention to water points and buildings for physicians, so that neither fire nor disease can decimate your population! If these sentences are reminiscent of something, you may have played Pharaoh, who has developed in 1999, developed by Sierra Games on the market.

At that time, Sierras belonged to the players like Pharaoh, Caesar and Ruler of the Olympus — Zeus at the best of their time, with the sophisticated economic system, the cute graphic and of course with the fascinating insight into a long past world. Although this is all for a while, but the gameplay itself should be happy to make many happy nowadays. Which is certainly the reason why Pharaoh: A New Era was tackled: a remake of the classic.

Pharaoh: A New Era wants to get you back to the mystical world of Egypt

For the 20th anniversary of the Sierra franchise, Pharaoh: A New Era appears as a complete new edition, with 50 missions and over 100 hours lateral length. The code of the game is to renew the graphic in 4k and 2D reissued as well as the gameplay will be improved. On Steam, you can already see a few first screenshots; In addition, the music of the game is completely reissued, whereby real oriental instruments are used.

I’m video you will receive a deeper insight:

Pharaoh: A New Era could not only be interesting for long-established fans, but also for a new audience, which has always wanted to build an Egyptian empire — pyramids included! The game is expected to appear 2022 for the PC.