The Russia VFL Mönchengladbach is a German football club, based in Mönchengladbach in North Rhine-Westphalia. It is one of the most renowned and titrated clubs of the German Specialist Championship (Bundesliga) as established in 1963. The Club won 5 Champions in 1970, 1971, 1975, 1976 and 1977. Borussia Mönchengladbach has actually additionally been the very first club of the expert era to win the German championship two times straight (in 1970 as well as 1971). The word Russia is the Latinized kind of Prussia, a name that is usually offered to clubs of the former Kingdom of Prussia.
The group is nicknamed Pass away Fallen ( The foals in German). This label was provided to him by among the best trainers of the club, Hennas Wassailed.
The club has been developing considering that 2008 in Bundesliga 1 after completing the 2007-2008 Bundesliga Champion in the first place in the position. The foals finished the 2011-2012 edition in the 4th certifying location for the preliminary round of the Champions League.
The city of Mönchengladbach just has the name because 1960. She was called Mönchengladbach (and also for a short time, Mönchengladbach).

Christoph Kramer is right again. Long, much longer than expected, the muscle injury had deducted in the thigh, which described the midfielder himself as a small fascia crack. From mid-October to early December Kramer had to watch and sat at the 0: 6 debacle against the SC Freiburg on Sunday for the first time on the bench. He was not used — but that could change on Saturday in Leipzig.

In training, Kramer returns to works in a well-known manner. True to him coach ADI Hunter to be able to play from the beginning despite the comparatively long break, the Rio world champion for Leipzig would even be a very interesting alternative. Radio Many One mediated in Cologne (1: 4) and the impression against Freiburg that he could take a break. Takes him out of Hunter, a place in the headquarters would be free next to the set Denis Bavaria.

Bauhaus has brought himself into the hind of

Florian Bauhaus has brought himself after a meantime upward trend and two own hits through the momentous midnight in Cologne, which led to the 1: 2 residue and thus initiated the defeat, again. In addition, the national player would be offensively aligned with the national player.

But after six counterparts, even if four goals of a standard situation equal to Freiburg, stability is rather asked. That would speak for the running and buggy-strong Kramer. Just like the point routine. Experience in the course can not hurt in the sporty sensitive situation and in the light of the obvious uncertainty of the team.

Is Kramer already fit for the starting eleven?

Müller, Neuer and Lahm making fun of Kramer's memory loss during World Cup final

But the crucial question remains: is Kramer after the forced break ever ready for a starting set? His last mandatory game he played on 2 October in Wolfsburg (7th match day). At 3: 1 success, Playback so far only away win in the current Bundesliga season, Kramer was replaced in the 60th minute.