The new Challenge Portal Diablo 3 is playing with a deadlier. However, you should wait until the start of Season 25 on Friday before you concludes it. We show you how the portal works and why you should not complete it now.

What is this for a portal? If you now start Diablo 3, then you will find the campaign, adventure mode and also the challenge portal when selecting the game modes. This particular type of portals give you a class with build that you should beat her with the setup within a time specification by a large nephalemportal.

The challenge portals are available for a long time in Diablo 3, but before starting a new season you should not solve them, as the rewards are perfect for starting a new character.

Preserve the Challenge Portal 233 from Season 25

Why should you keep this? On Friday, the 10th of December, Season 25 starts in Diablo 3. If you want to lie fast, it is recommended to start the Season with the Challenge Rift. Because you assure you the following rewards:

Bounty material (15 each)
35 of death
475 blood clippers
Crafting material
4,6 million gold

If you then turn off Lanais cube, then you can extract legendary properties to the start and make your Level phase much easier and faster. For this reason alone, it is worth waiting with the degree until the Season is started.

How does the Challenge Portal for Season 25? Depending on the region where you play, the Challenge Rift changes. This also changes weekly. Diablo expert Raxxanterax has looked at the new Challenge Rift, analyzes and explains in the video as you solve it. But for the EU players is an annoying rift before:

In general, it is helpful to commands the Golem to a place and then, with used essence, to run over the corpses that exist in the landing of the Golem. Through your aura you generate essence with it and creates automatically cadavers.

Raxxanterax also emphasizes in the video that the challenge portal should only be completed after the start of the Season, so that you can use the rewards for the new Season 25. So now practices a bit, but does not close the portal.

Diablo 3 Challenge Rift 233 EU Guide DON'T COMPLETE UNTIL SEASON 25 STARTS FRIDAY!

With the RIFT you will get to know a fancy build of the deadlocked and can try it directly without a level. But would you play the deadlock in S25 or take another class?

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