Only a couple of days are missing for the launch of Halo Infinite, and although many users have been incredible with their multiplayer section, there are also others who just prefer to play their campaign. But, how long does the adventure last for a single player? Here we tell you.

In total, the campaign of Halo Infinite is composed of 14 missions, and here we share the name of each of them:


2. Foundations

3. Outpost Terminus.

4. The Tower

5. Excavation Site.

6 . Spire.

7 . Pelican Down.

8 . The Sequence

9 . Nexus.

10 . The Command Spire.

Eleven. Repository

12 . The Road.

13 . House of Reckoning

we played Halo Infinite's campaign and this is our review...

14 . Silent Auditorium

However, when we take into consideration all the secondary objectives, then we are talking about a total of 70 missions. If you are someone who only seeks to finish the main campaign, then you will be taking around 10 hours. If you want to complete all the possible content, including secondary missions and collectible objects, then we are talking about 20 hours.

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Editor’s note: I think its duration is not bad, especially if we consider its open world structure. It is preferable to have a short but enjoyable campaign, to have something that extends unnecessarily for hours. Although surely there will also be complaints about it.