What a glorious weekend for Spanish sim racing! After the championship by manufacturers who have taken Lopez coke with Toyota, we can now celebrate the subcampeonato by José Serrano at the Nations Cup of the FIA ​​Gran Tourism Championship 2021. A historic result for our local pilots, who have closed a print weekend.

The championship has fallen on the Italian side Valerie Gallo, who happens on the throne to Japanese Trauma Miyamoto. Although Joseph has tried until the end, the transalpine had it for a face. And that our pilot left from pole position, although Gallo snatched the leader in the first round of the final career. That, next to a successful strategy, has served him to go up to the top.

José Serrano was fourth in the final, which served him for get the points needed to maintain the subcampeonato. He has completed the Final Podium The Japanese Miyamoto, who is maintained in the world elite after the title achieved in 2020.

In addition, the finals have had more events worth mentioning, such as the presence of Lewis Hamilton, 7 times F1 world champion, and who wanted to congratulate the champion. The importance of this championship is such that Valerie Gallo will attend this same month to the annual award gala of the International Automobile Federation where he will be awarded along with the rest of the FIA ​​competition champions.

At the event has also presented the new Porsche Vision Gran Tourism, a spectacular prototype of the German brand designed exclusively so that players can enjoy it in the next great tourism 7, which will arrive on March 4 to PS4 and PS5

An almost perfect season for the Spanish pilots, with the subcampeonato of José Serrano and the Lopez coke world championship with Toyota. And this has not done more than start.