Star-Wide Receiver Antonio Brown has been locked together with Safety Mike Edwards and Free Agent John Franklin III on Thursday evening by NFL for three games after he had violated COVID-19 regulations — which had agreed to the Lisa and Player Association —. That said the NFL with.

The health and safety of the players and the staff has a top priority for us, said the league and reaffirmed his own commitment to curbing the pandemic.

All three players renounce the filing of appeals and contact their suspension immediately, reported nfl-Network -Journalist Tom Polisher.

A former cook of Antonio Brown had last reported that the Wide Receiver had worried a fake vaccination in the summer.

BREAKING: Antonio Brown Suspended 3 Games for Misrepresenting His Vaccine Status | CBS Sports HQ
The chef stated that Brown’s girlfriend Ruiz by TextMessage has asked for a fake vaccine for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine and that it would be offered 500 dollars. Reporter Ian Rapport from NFL Network subsequently reported that Brown was very well vaccinated against Covid-19, according to its lawyer.

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Brown is currently breeding because of an ankle injury and would probably have missed the two upcoming games anyway. Now the 33-year-old can return to the field on December 26th.