It appears like those who have actually been waiting to come back into Acreage under the new Aka Games servers will certainly need to wait just a little much longer. The group announced today that there is an issue in the backend that they have not been able to settle it yet and also have made a decision to postpone the set-up opening of the new web servers until tomorrow.

On a reassuring note, they insist that none of the data transfer procedure was impacted by this backend issue. So every person’s conserved information up via November 18th will be offered if they transferred their personalities.

The issue was evidently already known, since the hold-up news suggests that they were already reluctant to reveal a precise opening time in the hopes they might fix the issue prior to the December second day. Nevertheless, their group together with the designers at GAMES, were not able to fix it in time to launch today.

This delay adheres to announced changes to how the clean slate servers will work and also the timing of their rollout also. New beginning servers, as revealed, had few restrictions and also added perks to help level any kind of characters starting over, so it developed area worry over potential batting, burros, and ventures. The EU clean slate server was already set up to open up tomorrow, and it appears like that’s still on course.

If they feel like they get on track to open up at some time tomorrow, it should suggest that they get on the method to dealing with the issue. While it seems like this issue has been bothering for a little while, introducing a hold-up today as opposed to just going on is a great strategy. There’s still no indication of web server open time, yet there must be a news coming late today or very early tomorrow.

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For the full statement of the hold-up as well as ongoing work to deal with the issue, see the update over at Acreage.