Erlang Haaland celebrated a lightning comeback for the BVB on the weekend in Wolfsburg and hit only a few minutes. The cheers over his return is great, but the Medical Department of Borussia Dortmund is still a doubt in advance.

That Erlang Haaland lacked the game of BVB was very apparent in recent weeks. The eleven of Marco Rose is the determination in the last third as soon as the Norwegian is missing. It was all the more important to celebrate his comeback after the Champions League. Prompt, Haaland met artistically against VFL Wolfsburg.

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Before the top game against Bayern, the question now shows how long the 21-year-old could stand in the square. If it was after the medical department of the BVB, the scorer should not spend too much time on the lawn.

For as the picture reports, the medical department has pleaded in recent weeks that he should celebrate his comeback at the earliest against the record champion. The Wolfsburg game was too early. Only 41 days was his heavy Hunger injury, which was originally employed until the end of the year.

Haaland special layers for BVB comeback

But Haaland is apparently so crowded so much that he got permission on Thursday before the game, Mistaken. Dortmund checked for each training session detail the CT images and these were in order. Up to eight hours, he should have trained together with the Dutch biomechanic and exercise therapists John Haddad.

Apparently successful, as the past weekend showed. Also, outdoors Monday Haaland put a special layer in order to be fit for the top game. The Dortmund is likely to hope that Haaland is nothing to overrun and remains healthy. In October, he was injured only two games after a return. This scenario is to be prevented this time.