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The original strip of Rome gives it an authentic and anchored sensation

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Expeditions: Rome has just received a new trailer. What makes this new interesting overview is that it gives the community of players a more in-depth exploration of the type of music that the game has to offer. The players will know more about what they can expect during his launch on January 20th.

As seen in the new trailer, a lot of work and effort have been devoted to shipments: the original strip of Rome. Developer Logic Artists wanted to make sure the fans have an authentic idea of ​​the game through his music. That said, the strip of the game is entirely composed of instruments recorded live.

The team behind shipments: Rome has made a lot of brainstorming and research just to determine which types of instruments use. The developers wanted to use instruments that were already present during the game period. These instruments were then modernized in order to also bring a modern aspect.

The developers shared that the most important thing about the soundtrack of any game is the character. The themes are flexible outside the main theme based on the main characters of the game. This means that each of the 300 potential purposes that players may have to be distinct from each other.

Each of the four main areas presented in shipments: Rome has its own identity through its music. The same goes for each emotional beat of the background story, as well as for exploration, the characters and the fighting of the game.

Expeditions: Rome takes place in the good old days of the Roman Empire, with its army conquering just about everything. Players will have to face a small group of characters as they go down to take different cities.

You are waiting for shipments: Rome? Let us know in the comments below.

Fall of The Roman the 15th Century: Crash Course World History #12

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Towards a merger of Western servers

Can Kakao Games Save ArcheAge & ArcheAge Unchained?
At the end of October, AKA GAMES officially launched the Western version of LYON and as often on the occasion of the launch of a new MMORPG, the servers were abused because of the players’ influx. A few days after the exit, Aka Games was forced to deactivate the RVR on the most populous servers and new servers were open — a second North American server and two additional European servers in addition to the one available at the exit.

As often, once the first days’ euphoria, players are normalizing, the servers are emptied and the operator is considering military mergers to bring together all players. LYON does not escape the rule — This is all the more true here that the MMORPG has come out in the shadow of New World and has not quite encountered the expected popular success. Aka Games is therefore preparing to merge the MMORPG servers to keep only a European server (ANDROMEDA) and a North American server (Cassiopeia).

In a note published on the official website, the operator states wanting to take the time to do things properly. In other words, the merger will only be operated in mid-February and by then, the studio stands for the preparations: with the deployment of the next January 5, it will no longer be possible to create from New characters on the servers that will disappear (the North American Eridanus server and the Sagittarius and Perseus European servers). Players already having characters on these servers will obviously continue to play and if some players want to find nearby, so it will be necessary to create a character before the 5th of January. Also note that the players of the waiters who will disappear will receive some bonus objects, in compensation of the inconvenience.

Shaman King Fumorch Chronicle Hinda Lar Voar Gacha is held from the popular episode from today Appearance probability GET the limited character in UP and challenges the event Oiro trial at the same time

Studio Z Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minatory, Tokyo, Representative Director and CEO: IATA Ken) is, hold out TV anime SHAMAN KING (Shaman King) first smartphone app game SHAMAN KING was the theme of in popular broadcast Chronicle (aka: droppings black) in, it was named after the popular episode held Korean Le Voice geisha, together with the beginning of the large demon of ordeal event also was known than today.

Studio Z Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minatory, Tokyo, Representative Director and CEO: IATA Ken) is, hold out TV anime SHAMAN KING (Shaman King) first smartphone app game SHAMAN KING was the theme of in popular broadcast Chronicle (aka: droppings black) in, was held named after the popular episode Korean Le Voice geisha than today. In addition, the same time has also started a large demon ordeal event, making it a period of large chance to increase the mystery LV of character.

held in Korean Le Voice Geisha

Today, December 28 (Tuesday), we have held a named after the popular episode Korean Le Voice Geisha. SHAMAN KING fan probability of occurrence of the character of the must-see Korean Le Toward Hen is in is up.

※ no particular order, titles omitted

· ★ 3 [therefore that the mind has decided] Yo Sakura (CV: Yoko Hikes)

· ★ 3 [stout-hearted to Furman etc.] Korean Anna (CV: Legume Hayashibara)

2021 December 28 (Tuesday) 17:00 – 2022 January 5 (water) 14:59

— time-limited character of this Geisha might be provided in a later date of another Geisha
— Geisha more information please refer to the announcement of the game
• The contents of Geisha are subject to change without notice

Korean Le Voice Geisha Commemorative rate Eat Campaign of

And we celebrate the start of the Korean Le Voice Geisha, will be held a campaign that corresponds to the original QUO card Pay 3,000 yen each 5 people in the lottery (a total of 10 people). It will be twice winning probability is a post with a hashtag droppings black-le-Vowaru, on the invitation alignment with those of your family and friends, please join us!

And procedures (1) Follow the official Twitter
▶ ︎ official Twitter: HTTPS: // GAME
And procedures (2) Retweet campaign of relevant Tweets
※ the winning probability to post with the hashtag droppings black-le-Vowaru will double

Step (2) of the relevant Tweets after ~ 2022 January 4 (Tuesday) 23:59

— original QUO card Pay 3,000 yen: a total of 10 persons (each 5 persons)

— at the time of the campaign of application, please refer to the Official Rules to be a reply to the relevant tweets’ procedure (2)
— plans are subject to change without prior notice

held in the ordeal of large demon

December 28, from (Tuesday), is being held the ordeal of large demon is a high degree of difficulty content. Special coin by clearing enters the hand, you can exchange the item that it is possible to increase the mystery LV in the exchange office. Let’s strengthen the favorite Sherman on this occasion.

2021 December 28 (Tuesday) 17:00 – 2022 January 5 (water) 14:59

· Ordeal is released by clearing the story quest 2 Chapter 20 around
• The contents of the test are subject to change without notice

as SHAMAN KING hold out Chronicle is

SHAMAN KING hold out Chronicle (aka: droppings black) is a TV anime SHAMAN KING the first official smartphone game work. Pre-registration number has started a formal service in 2021 on December 8 that exceeds 500,000.
SHAMAN KING and high-quality 3D graphics of the battle, which faithfully reproduces the world of, such as the ability it is a story of relive the Manga tic (cartoon tic) mode in the new sense, fans from the old days, of course, the first time also it has become a work that can be immersed in the world the person who touches the SHAMAN KING.

TV anime as SHAMAN KING is

And the original of the popular comics SHAMAN KING of the series total 3,800 million copies topped by Hirobumi Take, it is a complete new TV animation in the acclaimed broadcast by TV Tokyo in April 2021.
Such as when it announced a new anime in June 2020 to win the Twitter world trend first place, boasts a very popular both at home and abroad even more than 20 years-old now from the series start of 1998.
▶ ︎ official website: HTTPS: //

App Overview

App name: SHAMAN KING hold out Chronicles Genre: 500 years to a time of smartphone RPG corresponding OS: iOS / Android Rates: basic free-to-play (with billing in some app) App Store application DL page: HTTPS: // / JP / app / id1547933023 Google Play Store app DL page: HTTPS:? // id = king official Twitter: HTTPS: // / SHAMANIZING GAME official LINE: HTTPS: // official YouTube: HTTPS:. // © Hirobumi Take Romansh / SHAMAN KING Project · TV TOKYO © Studio Z, Inc.

About Studio Z

Studio Z is the number of gathered the video game developer that has been spun off the hit, entertainment company engaged in the planning, development and operation of the smartphone game in a few elites at cruise Corporation. Set a make a mess funny in vision, was born as a wholly owned subsidiary of cruise Co., Ltd. in November 2016.

Company Profile

Company Name: Studio Z Inc. Address: Dropping, Minatory, Tokyo 6-8-10 Established: 2016 November 1 Capital: 120 million yen Business: Planning of the smartphone game, development, management

Let s Challenge English Test in this year s game news English pickled in the game 85

Alaina Lady Dimitrescu (Japanese: オルチーナ ・ ドミトレスク in Japanese) is a personality in the 2021 survival scary game Resident Evil Village, developed and also released by Cap com. One of the significant hostile numbers of Village, she is offered as a massive noblewoman with vampire-like traits that stays with her 3 little girls in Castle Dimitrescu, her fortress within the location of the titular Eastern European town encountered by protagonist Ethan Winters. Dimitrescu controls the town alongside three mutant lords under the oversight of a superior leader understood as Mother Miranda.
Complying with initial sneak peeks of Village, Girl Dimitrescu unexpectedly climbed in popularity and has come to be based on a considerable quantity of fan-driven labor, consisting of follower art, cosplay, memes, and erotica. Reporters as well as analysts remembered of the trend, which started well before the launch of Village in Might 2021, attributing the quick rise of fan rate of interest in the character to various facets of her look and sex appeal.

The combo of I Hate You from I Love You is too large from the morning… And somehow, I will leave my impression somehow, but the 2021 series was the last time this time. That’s why the 85th will make an English reading test while looking back on the game and events of this year. Some you need to check it, but try to challenge even a little of time.

Answer The Questions.

1: Chichi Fujiyama, The Composer of Dragon Quest and Popular Songs, Passed Away in October. How Old Was He When He Died?

2: AT The Opening Ceremony of the TOKYO2020 Olympic Games, Which Company DID Not Play Any Music?
A, Square Enix B, Banzai NAMC C, Nintendo D, INAMI

3: Sort The Following Games of this Year in Order of Release Date.
Tales of Arise, Bravely Default II, Ratchet & Clank: RIFT APART, R-TYPE FINAL 2

4: Which Game Won The Game of the Year Award this year?
A, Death loop B, IT Takes Two C, Resident Evil Village D, Metro id Dread

5: How Many Songs Were Played for Parade of Nations?

6: How Many People ARE Required to Play It Takes Two?

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 – The Official Video Game Review - The Final Verdict

7: WHO IS The Actor Starring in Lost Judgement?

8: What is the Format of Services Such AS Xbox Game Pass and Ea Play?

9: Choose the Different One From The Following and Give The Reason.
A, Resident Evil Village B, Battlefield 2042 C, Far Cry 6 D, Return

10: In The Plot of Neo: The World Ends With You, Where is The Place The Came From?

11: How Many Targets Colt Must Kill to End The Loop in Death loop?

12: What is the Thing That Mono Is Wearing on His Head in Little Nightmare II?

13: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition Was Released in 2021/11/11. How Many Years Have Passed Since The Original Version WAS Release?

14: The Arranged Music of the Game Was Nominated for the Grammy Award This Year. What is the Game?

15: What is the Name of the Tribe Which Is Good At Working with Wood in Timber born?

Read The Passages and Answer The Questions.

Long Ago, A Young Girl Went with Her Mother To Pick Berries for Her Father Her WHO WAS Hard at Work.
But The Forest Greeted Them With A Dark, Cold Silence, The Bush WAS Empty.
Yet, DETERMINED To Find The Berries, The Rascal Broke Free From Mother’s Grasp and Vanished Into the Trees.

16: WHO WAS with the girl?

17: WHY DID They Go to the Dark Forest?

18: Why Did The Girl Rush Into The Forest?

19: What is this Game?

ITS FACE Her Exudes A Fearsome Malice, And Its Hide Her Is As Tough As Armor, As IF IT Were The Physical Manifestation of the Grudges of Fallen Warriors.
The Purple Gas That Rises from its Body Her When It Eats Other Monsters is Called Hellfire, and It Makes —– is Already Ferocious Attacks Even More Destructive.

20: WHEN DOES Hellfire Appear?
A, hunt b, rage c, fear d, be exhausted

21: What is the Nature of this monster?
A, Fearful B, Passive C, Contrary D, Aggressive

23: What Does This Monster Look Like?
A. Brutal B, Brilliant C, Gentle D, Gorgeous

24: What is This Game?

Answer The Question.

25: What is the Most Favorite Game You Played This Year? Give The Reason.

The problem of the test is painful, but if it is the topic of the game, there are many people who feel that you can read. Overseas game articles should be some extent if they are the story of the title you know.

If the end work is over and get a breath, let’s search by SNS, even when you are going to go to the SNS. You may find a surprising lover story that doesn’t turn in Japan.

Destiny 2 XUR Today location and offer on 24 12

OUR is still there for you today on Christmas Eve for you, and you have a very special gift. Of course, you will learn about Mango.

What happened this week in Destiny 2? Last week, players in Destiny 2 completed their triumphal seal for the 30-year bungee package. In addition, their cosmic sugar cubes at impossible horses delivered and incidentally at Eva a lot of gloss dust kink.

Buggies Game Director Joe Blackburn has also discussed NFTs last week. This was already in October at Bungee’s Game Designer Max Nichols’s theme. He informed that this current trend in online gaming, which is discussed controversial, nothing to look in gaming.

The one or the other good roll also dropped for one of the breaking weapons. In addition, Mango has made a very special linear fusion gun attentively, which is not only worth a closer look for its unique stasis neck:

Destiny 2: The currently the strongest Power Weapon in Season 15 is a surprise

All information about OUR on 24th December 2021 — PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Google Stadia

When is OUR? OUR has become a Daily Reset at 18:00 on his location. There he will wait for you until December 28, 18:00, so that your Christmas present can pick up with him.

Then he flies back to his treasury until he receives new Loot of the nine next week.

Where is OUR? That’s his camp for the weekend

The position of OUR: OUR is snowed on Christmas Eve in the Tower Hangar, where you can find it now.

FURS Inventory from 24.12. Until 28.12. — All exotics at a glance

What has OUR on offer? As always, OUR will have an exotic weapon and armor for all characters, so for Warlocks, Hunters and Titans. We do not know exactly what he will have. But the Christmas elves whisper, he might bring a real surprise.

Weapon: The Prospector — Marcus Granite Water for 29 Legendary Fragments

TITAN: One-eyed mask — empty head protection for 23 legendary fragments

Destiny 2: XUR IS SELLING TRIALS OF OSIRIS LOOT ???? | Xur Location & Inventory (Dec 24 to 27)
Mobility: +12
Resilience: +11
Recreation: +10
Discipline: +12
Intellect: +6
Strength: +9
Total: 60

Hunter: Bay Beer — Arius Chest protection for 23 legendary fragments

Mobility: +14
Resilience: +9
Recreation: +9
Discipline: +13
Intellect: +9
Strength: +10
Total: 64

Warlock : The deer — empty head protection for 23 legendary fragments

Mobility: +8
Loadability: +2
Recreation: +24
Discipline: +8
Intellect: +2
Strength: +20
Total: 64

At Christmas, the Trials scout rifle of scholars brings to you as a special gift. In addition, he has the armor set Swinging toners on offer.

This has always been with OUR with: Safe is already that you get an exotic engram for 97 legendary fragments and the weekly quest for an exotic code.

If you are still looking for a more detailed recommendation, Excess has an info video to all equipment from OUR for you:

The tests of Osiris on 24.12. — Map, weapons and info

Which map is this week on it? The Trials map for the Christmas weekend is endless valley on Census. The 14th saint awaits you.

So you get your trials Loot: Meanwhile, the Focused Lot System of the 14th Saint is already known to many keepers. You no longer get his Loot through three, five and seven WINS, but through:

Seven victories
50 rounds
the infamous flawless run

This is the reward for a flawless run: As a reward for your flawless Run, this weekend is waiting for the Stasis linear fusion rifle Reeds regret on you. In addition, you will receive additional exam points, so that your faster levels.

If you have received your wish weapon, you can specifically focus your exam engrams. On top of that there are improvement prisms and ascendant fragments. Remember that your reward will continue to increase as soon as you have a full pass — even if you lost one or two games.

When start the trials? Start the trials as usual to Daily Reset at 18:00.

Are you also gambling at the Christmas weekend Destiny 2 or take a break and let it take a quiet? What are your wishes today? Write it to us in the comments.

In our own thing: You would like to give you the most favorite wishes for Christmas and 2022 in a video from the editors:

Christmas video greetings from the Mango editorial

Rating G2 Sports Presume Refuverzos for the next season

G2 ESPORTS began with the renovations in its squad of Valorant. After being absent in the first Champions, there were three reinforcements to not have to go through the same in 2022. As a result, José Luis Kolkata Orangutan Herrera, Passim Keloid Vista and coach Neil Fabinho Finlay will not be in the globalist campaign next season.

The ad was given on social networks, almost a month after the farewell of Boldly. It is not the first change in the titular template of Valorant: the coach Lucas Logo Red He finished his stay with the Samurai on November 8. The same happened with Jacob Path Mourujärvi Five days later. Since then, there were no updates about the team that will play in the renewed 2022 circuit, which will have regional leagues. What changed on December 23.

Welcome Meddo, hoody, and pipsoN | G2 Esports VALORANT Roster Announcement
Aaron Hood Peltokangas and Johan Med do Reborn Lundberg will come as active players, while Daniel pip son meshcheryakov will take the coach reins. The case of pip son deserves to stand out. Before going to Valorant as a player, he was in charge of Pro100 in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. At the Riot Games circuit, he had professional game with a pair of teams before moving on to Giants Gaming. There he passed from the Template of Players to the Technical Body, playing LAP circuits in recent months.

Med do is also an ex-player of CS: Go that passed to Valorant in 2020. He was at Fun plus Phoenix before moving to Giants Gaming, competing in minor circuits and an EMEA Challengers. On Hood, he played the First Strike Europe of 2020, where he lost against G2 Esports. He went to Giants Gaming in 2021 to dispute the same circuits of Med do and Pip son.

As regards Keloid, he will remain in the inactive group, but he has the possibility to listen to offers from other organizations. At the time of publishing, there are no details about the next destination of him.

Quadruple Tournament But no viewers in Innsbruck and Bischofshofen

The four-headed tour of the ski jumpers starting on Tuesday will now take place for the second time in a row completely without viewers. Like Austria’s Ski Association (OSV) announced on Thursday, no fans are admitted to jumping in Innsbruck (January 4th) and Bishopshofen (January 6) and the respective qualifications.

History of ESPN on ABC

Last week, the organizers of the two stations in Austria were still planned with 4000 (Innsbruck) and 3500 spectators (Bischofshofen) and started ticket sales.

The German competitions in Oberstdorf and Garmisch-Partenkirchen had already excluded viewers.

We regret this decision for the fans and assets, but want to support the government in their efforts in the best possible way, said OSV President Rosetta Shallower.

Articles and videos about the topic
Olympics: Doll and Altars can be celebrated
Quadruple Tournament, Changing Staff in Oberstdorf: Date, Appointment, Schedule, Transmission on TV and Livestream
Ski jumping: Who shows / transfers four-headed tours live on TV and Livestream?
Top sport live on DAZN. Register now! Can be terminated at any time monthly.

Assassin s Creed Valhalla Interwoven stories for free today

As we have already reported yesterday, Assassin’s Creed was announced interwoven stories, the first game overarching project of the series. This is headed by Ubisoft Quebec in close cooperation with Ubisoft Montreal. The content aims to answer the question What happens if two Assassins Creed Heroes meet? To answer.

Assassin’s Creed Resulted Stories will be available from 14 December for anyone who owns the respective main games.

A story will be playable in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and an Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. The stories explore the connections between the heroes of the two games and offer new environments that applies to exploring, as well as a rich storyline.

For the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla History A fate of fate must have been reached the settlement level 4 and the task has been completed a wise girlfriend, in which Survivor helps to settle in Hraefnathorp.


For the story of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey who are important to us, players must have completed Chapter 1 and Regards have reached to access the content. However, it is advisable to complete the three action strands of the main game (family, cult of cosmos and mythology) to avoid spoilers.

Cyberpunk 2077 Keanu Reeves did not play the game from CD project Red at all

Cyberpunk2077 : 1 Year Later| KEANU REEVES |is it finally fixed? PC Gameplay| Latest Graphics Update
CYBERPUNK 2077: Injury Group is a series of comics from Dark Equine Comics, established in the globe of video clip game Cyberpunk 2077. Published for the very first time in 2020, the collection is composed by Cullen Burn and highlighted by Miguel Valderrama.

One year, it is now that Cyberpunk 2077 (from 19.98 € buy) appeared for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Even before the faulty state of the title dominated the headlines, the team of CD project Red especially was pleased that she could fill the role with Johnny Silver hand with a famous actor with Keanu Reeves. In an interview for the recent Unreal Engine-5-Demo The Matrix Awakens for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S, however, the actor has now revealed that he has not played cyberpunk 2077 at all.

However, this decision has nothing to do with cyberpunk 2077 per se. Keanu Reeves reveals that he does not play video games in his free time. In the case of Cyberpunk 2077, the actor has only seen demonstrations — but he did not have the controller in his hand. Something curious in this regard, however, the statement of CD project CEO Adam Kick Ski, who claimed the then Launch of Cyberpunk 2077 that Keanu Reeves plays the title and has fun with it. But behind it then only marketing. Currently, the developer team is working on the Next-Gen version of Cyberpunk 2077, which should appear at the beginning of 2022 for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S. Previous owners receive the upgrade at no extra cost.

Last updated video: Our Commitment to Quality

LOL Minirework to Janna To premiere the new season of League of Legends

There are League of Legends champions with a very delicate balance. These are characters that can make very different things in trained hands, or in the players of ELO low. Rye, teacher Yi or Tryndamere are particularly complicated to balance for Riot Games, since your user’s playing ability determines even if they are healthy for the balance of the game.

In this sense, JANNA It could well be one of these problematic characters. The support of the wind usually happens to be an authentic barbarity in Solo, not to see it ever. The reason is that it is tremendously dependent on the methane, as well as a good time it makes it particularly powerful in the qualifying items. Therefore, is a moment of a small minirework.

Janna Rework - All Changes | League of Legends
all changes to Janna with patch 12.1

It will be with the next 12.1 patch, the first of next season, when we see this little Janna Rework in all its splendor. Riot August, one of the developers with the most popularity of League of Legends, has just commented on Twitter the adjustment: We are taking poker power from their W and their attacks and giving it to change utility. The one is now much better spell if It is used offensively. What makes the best in that sense is the minimum rank and speed. The Q loaded is much more complicated to dodge.

The League of Legends patch 12.1 will be launched on January 5, 2022. That will be the starting point of the new season in the Riot Games, and also the time in which Janna suffers all these changes.

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