The Ford Field is a stadium covered in Football located beside the Comerica park in the downtown Detroit, Michigan. Since 2002, its occupants have been the Detroit Lions, an NFL-changing Football team in the North Department of National Football Conference. It likewise holds the Electric motor City Bowl given that 2002, which is a university American football match. Its capability is 65,000 places for normal season NFL suits and also 70,000 places for vital occasions such as Super Bowl and 78,000 for basketball. The arena has 132 luxury collections as well as 8,600 club seats.

1. Thanksgiving was in the foreground on this match day — and the fact that the obligatory Detroit Lions (0: 10: 1) playing at this holiday and at home (0: 10: 1) continue to be victorious. 14:16 It was called against the Chicago Bears after an exciting final.

2 . Far more impression made of Thanksgiving but the thriller between Dallas (7: 4) and Las Vegas (6: 5). The big topic in the dramatic 36:33 in the overtime for the Raiders were the penalties: 28 times was thrown by the team a flag — for a total of 276 yards.

3 . The cowboys have already lost the compulsory home game for the third time in a row.

4 . And to make Thanksgiving around: Since 2019, the away teams have always been won on this particular football day (8: 0), which in conversion also means three home levels for Detroit and Dallas in each piece.

5 . On the normal fully packed Sunday of Week 12 Then, Among other things, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers rose into action — and won after an intensive impact exchange at the Indianapolis Colts with 38:31. Tom Brady improved in his long career to 89:24 victories in the game weeks 12 to 17.

6 . In addition, the Sideline Super Bowl Champion TB12 has already won nine times a bit against Indy.

7 . Brady’s former team, the New England Patriots (8: 4), are meanwhile with the hottest team of NFL. Rookie quarterback Mac Jones outlines in these weeks with absolute reliability and has the Pats, the 2020 still with 7: 9 the play-offs missed, with a 36:13 against the Tennessee Titans (8: 4) to the meanwhile sixth victory in series guided.

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8th. Quite different the mood situation in Charlotte, where the Carolina Panthers after 3: 0 season start are now at 5: 7. Under Returner Cam Newton (already between 2011 and 2019 in the team), the franchise has already collected ten bankruptcy already ten places.

9 . In the Green Bay Packers (9: 3), in the way, despite various injury worship, it runs right round, which also has to do with Matt Fleur. The Head Coach also convinces in Wisconsin in his third time — and has never lost two games in a piece until now. The current 36:28 against the Los Angeles Rams (7: 4) came directly after the narrow 31:34 at the Minnesota Vikings from Week 11.

10 . Speaking of Vikings (5.6: Minnesota’s Quarterback Kirk Cousins ​​have lasted after the coup against the Packers last defeat at the now at 6: 5 standing San Francisco 49ers (26:34). Nevertheless, the playmakers became the first player of Vikings story which has recorded at least one passing touchdown in 25 consecutive games.

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11 . In the Sunday Night Game, this weekend was still compared between Baltimore (8: 3) and Cleveland (6: 6) — and here Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson fell four (!) Intercepts for the first time in his career. And yet that could not use Browns to victory, rather lost at the end of 10:16. Since 2013, there has no more players managed to win a game in the Regular Season despite four interceptions (0:41 so the balance since then, now it says 1:41).