Horizon: Zero Dawn already presented us there for 2017 an open world full of challenges, threats and objectives with which to entertain us for hours. However, Guerrilla wants to go much further with Horizon: Forbidden West and, after teaching Ally’s graphic improvements as a character, now details some aspects they will make of his world a living and totally credible place.

From the remoteness you should be able to identify which tribe you are watching ESPN SON These details can be found on the PlayStation website, but are perfectly summarized in a variety of attitudes and behaviors in the NPC that will transmit a feeling of immersion to the players. During his adventure in the west, Ally will find several settlements whose residents will show different manias according to their culture, as explained by the chief designer of living worlds in guerrilla, even Son: From the remoteness you should be able to identify what Tribe you are watching. It is enough to see how a water bucket transport: the strong Tenth will throw him on his shoulder, the peaceful Star will keep him stuck to the body, and the skilled Cumberland will take him in his hand.

The person who was previously stopped in front of a forge will now interact with everything that surrounds him even Son but guerrilla wants to present a really lively world, so in this installment they will move away from the classic conventions of the video game in which the characters act mechanically and repetitively for forging a whole everyday life around them, which will further expand that feeling of being inside a diverse universe: The person who was previously stopped in front of a forge now Interact With everything that surrounds it : Displays materials, it will rest on the wall, drink from your cup, talk with friends, and you will be limited to live your day to day.

After all, the developer study has put a lot of effort into the creation of the NPCs in Horizon: Forbidden West, since they are included in a so-called crowd system, according to Son: In that system, We can create rules such as reactions, itineraries on foot and other animations. There is also the system of attitudes, which is responsible for defining personality. This means that we can create unique inhabitants, with their own behavior in the world.

Squiring chain and equipment manufacturing


All this may be perceived. A settlement of the most bustling where you can perceive the already commented every day of each character both in the offices of him and in the moments of leisure of him.

You can change weapons and attire in a Santiago. So you will pass from one tactic to another when you want to make Son however, and as it could not be otherwise, the tribes and cities that Ally finds throughout its perimeter will not only be a demonstration of guerrilla work as to Your world, but will be of special relevance for the adventure of the hunter. Therefore, these areas will allow expand and improve our equipment, as well as helping the manufacture of new objects and weapons with which to gain bonuses.

If you choose the appropriate attire to enhance the corresponding skills, your strength will not have limits, if it were not enough, you can change weapons and outfits in a Santiago. So You will go from one tactic to another when you want, explains Son. After all, Ally’s new enemies will require a quick analysis of the situation and a blunt response that will force vary the strategy of any player.

Therefore, Horizon: Forbidden West will present us the February 18, 2022 a huge world full of activity and variety in its NPC, which in pleasant consequence will imbibe its pixels of vitality. With a few months ahead, we only have to test our patience and dream of the great adventures of Ally, something that adds new weapons and skills to explore every corner of the forbidden West. And it seems that the terrestrial surface has remained small to guerrilla, since Horizon: Forbidden West will also present an aquatic world of which years have been needed to develop their technology.