What about the fact that MIR4 is currently the most popular simultaneously in the world (1,300,000 simultaneously logged-in users — we wrote about Tryutaja)…

… if a large part of these active players, unless most, are four, hackers, voters, fraudsters who wanting to make cryptos, use various types of illegal programs.

Remade Entertainment can assure you about a hard fight with such individuals ( Staring to provide all our players a pleasant and honest game. Our team carefully monitors and actively removes players who do not comply with the operational policy and terms of use ), but numbers unfortunately do not speak for Koreans.

Since the premiere of MIR4, the permanently banned banned… 5.6 million ~~ users ~~ accounts.

(Fragment of the latest message)

Massacre is noticed. If the daily number of bans in the game is from 30 to 150,000 (on November 24, 150k was recorded), then know that something very bad happens to your game.

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After such statistics, you really want to play. The very awareness that we enter simultaneously, in which people around us are bots, that’s a sufficient scarf.