Duisburg’s coach Hagen Schmidt took two changes in its starting eleven compared to the 2: 3 at 1860 Munich: Again and Radio began for Bangalore and Females.

Mannheim’s Coach Patrick Locker did not look after the spectacular 3: 3 against the VFL Osnabrück no reason for personnel change and sent exactly the same formation on the field.

The MTV fell completely the initial phase. In the first 20 minutes, nothing went in the first 20 minutes, the defense acted oriented. And Mannheim used the drowsiness of Zebra’s freezing cold: Already after five minutes, Chatterer dived completely free of MSV-Keeper wine purchase after a Martini socket and did not make a chance with all his routine. In the 19th minute Costly was allowed to march completely unmolested over half the field. Shortly in front of the penalty area, he then pulled off as soon as possible, his shot, which was still undergone, hit the bottom left.

Only after the 0: 2 wakes Duisburg

Only after the 0: 2 Duisburg woke up — and how! At first, Stoppelkamp had a bad luck with a great free kick, as his shot tubed only the crossbar (24.), but in the 29th minute Bouhaddouz made for new hope: The center-runner headed a perfect flank of the Emily Again to the ballot.

In the following years, a grazing fight developed, both teams acted with open visor and fought on the rim soaked grass around every centimeter. There were possibilities for strokes as over there: for Duisburg, which showed a class reaction, Frey (39.) and Bouhaddouz (45. + 3) lying quite deserved compensation. For Mannheim, which lured after the connection on counterattack, Costly missed a result improvement (45. + 2). So it went with the scarce Waldo guidance in the cabin.

Mannheim rips the game again — Martini by dream gate to the decision

With Wagner for Roger, who had injured himself shortly before the pause whistle, Mannheim entered the lawn again, at Duisburg there was no change. As in passage one Mannheim caught the better start. After an evil Patter of Fletcher, Chatterer had a free train, over Bomb came the ball to Martini, which failed completely freestanding but awarded the possible 3-1 for Mannheim (53.).

With high intensity on both sides, it continued, but scorchancies were not so common to see. The actors had to slow down the deep ground now slowly, and again, the play flow was also interrupted by smaller fouls. Mannheim had the attacking efforts of Zebras now better under control and started again and again dangerous pieces. So missed in the 72nd minute Martini per volley shot 3: 1 for the SAW.

But the Mannheim er had more to pay more in the final quarter and made in the 81st minute for the decision. After Again had slipped past the ball, Bomb marched forward on the left side and then played the ball back to the penalty area, there took Martini measure and met with a direct acceptance exactly in the left goalkeeper. MSV-Keeper wine purchase was still there, but could not prevent the impact.

More happened anymore. Waldo drove a threesome deservedly and keeps the pressure on the top. Duisburg showed an outstanding reaction after the early residue, but could not spend the game anymore and states deep in the basement after the bankruptcy.

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Duisburg is demanded on Sunday at the SC Freiburg II (1 pm), Mannheim meets on Tuesday in a recharging game to 1860 Munich (19 clock).