After the heated annual general meeting and before the Bundesliga match against Armenia Bielefeld Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann was talking to the press conference on Friday and answer. In addition to the workup of the AHV, it was once again the Corona location in the team and of course the upcoming opponent Bielefeld.

Despite a relatively short night, Julian Nagelsmann was the best thing when he asked the questions of the journalists on Friday. The Bavaria coach told patiently and detailed his view of things to the disputed annual general meeting on Thursday. In my eyes, we gave the fans hearing. But you can not make the mistake of making opinions from individuals in general. With 290,000 members this is not an ideal image and not representative, he said to the debate about the Qatar sponsorship.

Nagelsmann was also pleased with one or the other returnee for the game on Saturday against Bielefeld. Serge (Gary), Jamal (Musial) and Mikael (Nuisance) have left the quarantine, but are not options from the beginning, he said.

However, the 34-year-old also had to announce two other failures and was allowed to leave at the end of the commitment of his conveyor Ralf Rang nick at Manchester United.

FC Bayern Munich: Press Conference by Julian Nagelsmann for reading

That was it: The press conference is over again.

Nagelsmann over Rang nick as United Coach: I wrote to him that I find it horny. He will do Manchester very well with his power and his way he can play football. I believe that United will make good games over the next few weeks and wish him that he can stay there even longer than only until the summer trainer. And if the stress goes right with him, then I’ll call him. (laughs)

Nagelsmann again to the staff: Lucas Hernandez has no more problems, that looks good. Tanguy Mizzou still has pain on the shoulder, but it threatens no surgery. He plays very body-mind, so he must be unitized. The injury is good therapy, so he should come back quickly.

Nagelsmann About Gimmick Failure: It is annoying that he was most recently missing, now missing and also missing against Dortmund. I have a lot of contact with him, that burdens him everything. Sanitizer will not replace him because he is injured. Marc Rock has now played a few minutes, that was good for him. I should have tested Jamal Musial on the six position, I’m annoying about it too. For the game tomorrow he is not an option, but maybe in a week then. I always trust him. He also had two, three outstanding defensive actions against Augsburg.

Nagelsmann again to the AHV: I do not really know how the statutes are. In the end it is a question of the frame in which you discuss things. If you discuss topics that Bayern Munich move, both sides may have a better frame. Relatively fast then the ratio level was abandoned, the topic swirls people up and also people in the club. Then it quickly becomes emotional and not so objective. In another frame you might be talking differently over it, maybe with a mediator. Emotions are not always the perfect companion to find solutions.

Nagelsmann about the discrepancy between Champions League and Bundesliga: The criticism to Augsburg was justified. But I do not see any two faces of the team. We were not outstanding against Kiev. We have always been phases in which we have to come in. Since I consider a lot, as we can do it differently. But we are very good things that we know how it stands in the league. And that we have to deliver.

Nagelsmann over the heated AHV: I wanted to listen to interest and therefore remained until the end. Unfortunately, the assembly came to an end with a slightly aggressive mood, so we could not make so many selfies. Basically, you have to hear opinions from both sides on a factual level to make a picture. It must not feel that there are bearings against each other. I think so you have to discuss controversial. In my eyes we gave the fans hearing. But you can not make the mistake of making opinions always in general. For 290,000 members, this is not an ideal image and not representative. But it was interesting to learn some legal things.

Nagelsmann over See: He trained well, but we have to see how far he is. He makes a good impression, but is not a candidate for use from the beginning.

Nagelsmann about the staff and Bielefeld: Serge (Gary), Jamal (Musial) and Mikael (Nuisance) have left the quarantine, but are not options from the beginning. We have two more failures with Marcel Sanitizer, who something More than a fiber ripped in the calf. We will have to give up him for a few weeks. Bound Carr also has a small muscular injury in the adductor area and falls out. Lucas Hernandez has trained again, Leon Goretzka is also fit for tomorrow. Looks everything completely Good. Bielefeld can always be dangerous with chip balls on Los. Tokugawa also plays a good season, is ball-proof and agile. Vasiliadis collects many second balls and I know the coach, with which I have already worked together. Bielefeld has already worked enhanced and plays very sacrifice and with passion. That’s already parallel to Augsburg. We have to know and be ready and greedy. This is a very important game for us! We tired go to the contributors.

Reactions to Bayern-JHV: Could you save us all the members

Let’s go: Julian Nagelsmann enters the podium. Now it’s interesting!

FC Bayern: Press Conference with Julian Nagelsmann today in the live ticker — before starting

Before starting: The turbulent Annual General Meeting is likely to be concerned for the press discussion on Friday, probably Nagelsmann — who was present himself — also comment on one or the other heated debate.

Before starting: Bavaria misses Joshua Gimmick, Serge Gnabry, Eric-Maxim Choupo-Moting, Jamal Musial and Mikael Nuisance, which are all Corona positive or in domestic quarantine. Behind the inserts of the most recently struck Marcel Sanitizer and Tanguy Piano is still a question mark. But the coach should definitely relate in any case.

Before starting: After 1: 2 in Augsburg of the past Friday and the victory of Borussia Dortmund About Stuttgart, the lead of Bayern is only a counter on the BVB. For the kick-off time on Saturday evening, the spreadsheet could even be gone when the BVB wins his game in Wolfsburg. The Bavarians feel pressure again in the league.

Before starting: Welcome to the press talk with Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann in front of the home game against Armenia Bielefeld (Saturday, 6.30 pm in the Linebacker) on the 13th Bundesliga match day.

FC Bayern: Press Conference in front of the Bielefeld game in the LiveStream

As usual, FC Bayern offers a free LiveStream for pressing news. On you can live and track the PK in re-live.

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