Last week, the team of Banzai NAMC with Dragon Ball: The Breakers announced a new asymmetric multiplayer project, which is playfully oriented to models like Dead by Daylight. Now the publisher announced that there will soon be a closed beta test where fans can throw a first look at the game. At the same time, a video about Dragon Ball: The Breakers has also been released, summarizing the rules, gameplay elements and tips.

Who wants to participate in the Closed Beta of Dragon Ball: The Breakers, has the opportunity to register for the test on the official website of Banzai NAMC. However, the closed beta will only be available on the PC. The full version should appear 2022 for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. If you receive an invitation, you can try the multiplayer game online at specific times.

DRAGON BALL: The Breakers - Closed Beta Test Information Announcement

The following periods have announced Banzai NAMC.
Session 1: December 4th (Saturday) 3:00 am — 7:00 am
Session 2: December 4th (Saturday) 13:00 – 17:00

Session 3: December 4th (Saturday) 19:00 – 23:00
Session 4: 5th December (Sunday) 3:00 am — 7:00 am

Last News Video: Game System Trailer