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Babylon's Fall: The First Preview

Babylons case, the latest work of Platinum Games, was supposed to appear two years ago. Now we, the third-person action RPG in the latest Closed elude beta on the PlayStation 5 and see some sites.

But what about Babylons case? Here is it is an action RPG with a strong online component. There is thus a great focus on the multiplayer mode with up to three players, although the game can also be played solo. In addition, there is a games-as-a-service title, which means that the developers after the official release additional content will publish.

See for Platinum Games in their action core competence?

First, lets look at the combat system more accurate, after all, Platinum Games developed with games like Bayonet ta or Metal Gear Rising a reputation as an action game experts. When this item is always the motto was Easy to learn, hard to master. And even in Babylons case we had after we had chosen one of three races, we chose the Russian, a simple introduction.

Russian Ag avian Relation

The three Babylons fall races at a glance:

Ag avian: Tall and powerful warrior whose special ability that allows them to evade opponents vital energy.
To weaken Spiritual warriors whose special ability allows them opponents by dark magic from the inside out: Relation.
Russian: Agile warriors whose special ability that allows them to zoom to pull opponents.

The basic actions can perform all races. These include light and heavy attacks, a jump, a dash to escape and, if we had provided a shield, also block and lock. The actions were down slightly from the hand and should not overtax genre newcomers. However, the combat system made no overly complex impression on us.

The creators promise with the Gideon Coffin, a device on the back of the player character, endless strategic possibilities. This is a seemingly mechanical equipment, shimmering reddish inside and provided with which we, the necessary special energy, extra weapons can summon by L2 / R2 our equipped and may activate the special ability of each breed. Overall, we may use four weapons at once (square, triangle, L2, R2).

Battle Loot Equipment

This also made it really fun in the early rounds. The opponents were indeed rarely more than cannon fodder, but it was very entertaining to experiment with the different attacks, weapons combinations and skills to figure out how we can dish out the most damage. However, the principle used quite quickly and after the initial euphoria, the fighting degenerated becoming the button mashing.

The main reason is that we, unlike in previous titles of the studio can not perform right combos. This makes the combat system does not achieve the complexity and depth of previous games of Platinum Games. While the combat system does have potential and makes for a few rounds of fun, but it currently seems even more questionable whether it binds to the controller in the long term. There were also, despite a manual Lockton, regular camera problems during the skirmish.

looting and levels

Intended for long-term motivation probably instead of the usual loop from looting and levels, so the collection of bulky equipment and the level up of the player character, care, what worked all right. After a few quests our inventory was packed. However, we could see and equip only after completing a quest our prey in the Hub area Neo Babylon, which no longer feels contemporary.

Loop fight solo

With stronger armor objects — we must head, torso, arms and lower body separately equip — and better weapons we plunged again into the uninspired designed levels of the eponymous tower of Babel, the main area of ​​action RPGs, the colleague Bast on the hub worlds of Destiny 2 and Anthem recalled. The arsenal is quite neat, because we were able to select among other things, swords, spears, hammers, shields and bows and arrows. Especially fun was it however only in combination with one to three other players inside.

Although we can also try solo in the dungeons, but the sections played by us did not work as if they are really designed. In addition, the territories also made visually little. We worked ourselves different areas in the tower, which looked very similarly similar: Stone corridors, a little scrap here, a chest and a few plants there. There was really a lot of variety, at least in the levels we played, is not offered, which is why we sat down quickly.

Furthermore, the balancing of the missions was not optimal, since neither number nor strength of the various enemy types were adapted. As part of a party we were mostly very good for it. At least if the matchmaking made us a stroke through the bill. We were assigned several quests, for which our character was still significantly too weak. We were therefore not too great help to our teammates. It is positive that both the servers and the technology of the game, except for forgiving little mistakes, ran very round.

How Babylons case looks in motion, you can watch in the trailer:

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Assessment of the editors

Sven Race: Although it is quite negative, thanks to the action in the fight, I had my fun with Babylons case, especially in lousy rounds with some teammates, even if I had hoped for more specifically from the combat system.

In general, the Action RPG, apart from occasional light looks such as the stable servers, is currently still in a fairly unheard state.

In addition to boring level design, among other things, inventory management and the not ideal matchmaking as well as the currently unidentified balance between single and multiplayer experience. Meanwhile, other things can not be assessed, such as variety and scope of the finished game. The studio can make great games and I will definitely stay on the ball as a platinum games fan, even if there is still a lot of work in front of the team.