The Dim frost Studio team caught the attention during E3 2021 with a trailer of the most peculiar: an adventure charged with magic, concepts of Nordic culture and with Something scenes. BRAMBLE: The Mountain King is the result of such a combination of ideas, and its creators entertain the wait up to its launch in 2022 with a new gameplay that will enter a world of the most fantastic.

Creatures will also be an active part of your Travel Fredrik Ellen, CEO of Dim frost Studio in the game, we will control a child who accompanies his sister along a territory full of animals, gnomes of the forest, Trolls and Other creatures more or less friendly. Because there will be sectors of the forest in which we will be received with open arms, but where the trees are more tucked, they will wait different threats of which we can only flee despavoridos.

Bramble: The Mountain King - Official Gameplay Reveal Trailer

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BRAMBLE: The Mountain King highlighted especially for that characteristic use of Nordic Folklore, which allows Dim frost Studio to fill the forest with all kinds of beings: Our goal with Bramble is to create a live and strange world loaded with creatures mysterious and mystical. They will not only be a passive part of the world, but also will be an active part of your trip. Some will help you, others will need your help, and some of them will only want to eat you!, Explain Fredrik Ellen, CEO of the developer.

Bramble: The Mountain King does not specify more data in relation to its launch, which will happen at some point of 2022 for PC and consoles. Until then, we can always continue looking at peculiar adventures that explore new approaches to gender, so do not hesitate to check our list of 9 horror video games that you may not know.