Wonder s new What If? Line of comics is obtaining its 2nd title: a mash-up of Miles Morales/Spider-Man and Wolverine, apparently.

Wonder released an intro picture with the title What happens if…? assuring more information on November 16 which that the title itself will certainly debut in March 2022.

As ENSAAMA previously reported, the current Spider-Man: Crawler s Darkness is the very first in an intended line of What If…? Titles Wonder Comics is releasing accompanying the Disney Plus What If…? Animated series.

Chip Dark, that wrote Spider-Man s Crawler s Shadow, has stated he is dealing with a second What happens if…? Job that can conceivably be this new title.

And also although whatever is being teased is probably is an alt-universe title, it comes simply as Miles Morales has found himself on shaky ground pertaining to the Spider-Man identification shown to him by Spider-Man.

On November 10s Miles Morales: Spider-Man 32, the Beyond Company (who acquired the Spider-Man hallmark in a cheat) served Miles with papers claiming he was illegally utilizing their Spider-Man brand name. If he s not a Spider-Man, possibly he can be a Wolverine?

It resembles he s currently innovating with the variety of claws he has. While the original Wolverine is recognized to have 3 claws on each hand, Laura Kinney/Wolverine as well as Taken are best-known for having 2 claws per hand. The Wolverine villain Romulus has four claws on each hand, but with among them coming from under his wrist — not from the top of his hand like the Wolverines as well as currently seemingly Miles Morales.

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