Expletive You have announced the release date of EX One, the science fiction title, physical and inertia. The game, created by the independent developer Jay Weston, will be available as of November 18 (next week) for Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One and PC, through Steam, Epic Games Store and the Microsoft Store. Although it is not specified, it seems clear that the Logo of the end of the launch trailer, which you can see here, aim that will be out of departure on the Xbox Game Pass subscription.

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In the title edited by Future Friends Games, we will control a very particular spacecraft, which can adjust its form in convenience to take advantage of the inertia and explore the picturesque planets that the game will present us.

Ex One has been able to test from which they published his prologue by 2020, and since this year a demo is also available in Steam to which we could take a look during the Next Fest last month. At that time, EX One surprised us by his graceful movement and the clear possibilities of his mechanics based on physics, which were complemented with an exalted sound and visual section to greatly favor the sensation of immersion.

Ex One will be available on November 18 for Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One and PC.