Pokemon GO soon start a big event for the release of Pokémon Shining Diamond and Pokémon Bright Pearl. There is also some Singh spawns, costumes, bonuses and strong 7-km-eggs, the players already love now. We show you the content.


What is this event? On November 19, the new Pokémon games Radiant diamond and Bright Pearl are published. Around this release running around in Pokémon GO a celebration with bonuses on incubators, costumed Pokémon and special eggs of the 7 category.

Above all, the egg changes occur in the coaches already good. You can get there a strong battle Pokémon.

Event for the release of Radiant Diamond and luminous pearl

When does it matter? The event is split into two parts.

Part 1 starts on 16 November at 10:00 and runs until 18 November at 10 am local time. It revolves around Shining Diamond.
Part 2 starts on 18 November at 10:00 and runs until November 21 at 08:00 local time. It revolves around Bright Pearl.

General Bonuses:

November 16 at 10:00 until November 21 at 20:00 there are general bonuses. Special bonus content then vary with Part 1 and Part 2 of the event.

Twice as fast incubators

Are you also interested in topics related to Lucius Hat Games?

Three times as fast super incubators
Costumed Pokémon
Turning with Lucius Hat
Turning with Lucia Hat
Chitchat with Lucius Hat
Chitchat with Lucia Hat
Pickup with Lucius Hat
Pickup with Lucia Hat
All with the chance to Shiny encounters
Collector s challenge you rewarded with 1000 EP, 3000 stardust and an encounter with Trespass
New Avatar-supplies, stickers and boxes
Turning Costume
Chitchat Costume
Pickup costume
For free:
Singh Hat
Singh top set
Singh pants
Singh Shoes
Singh backpack
Singh Rock
Singh Boots
Event-Box (once) with 20 Poke Balls and Singh Stone
Super box for unique 300 coins with three super-incubators, two incubators and a Lockout

An insight into the Costume Pokémon with the different hats you can find here:

Wild Pokémon spawns:

Wild Pokémon in Part 1: Juror Murrow, Pooched Aron, Turning with Lucius Hat Chitchat with Lucius Hat, Linda with Lucius Hat, Bidaily Cricket, Boundary Skunkapuh — with luck Scythe Larvae, Burma (plants cape) Booze

Wild Pokémon in Part 2: Pin sir Miscreants, Hound our See mops, Turning with Lucia Hat Chitchat with Lucia Hat, Linda with Lucia Hat, Bidaily Cricket Boundary Charmin — with luck: Slowpoke Kind worm Booze and Burma (sand mantle)

Pokémon that is marked with an asterisk ( ), you can make as shiny.

Raid Bosses:

raid bosses Part 1:

Step 1: Craniums Brighton, Bronze Bible
Step 3: Traitor, Scholar Duration, Toxiquak, Galagdladi
Step 5: Cecelia
Mega: Mega-Schlapor

raid bosses Part 2:

Step 1: Sheldon Brighton, Bronze
Step 3: Salience, Scholar, Duration, Toxiquak, Gal lade
Step 5: Cecelia
Mega: Mega-Schlapor


egg amendments to Part 1: Knopf, Movie Happily, Mime Jr. Role

egg amendments to Part 2: Knopf, Movie Happily, Mime Jr. Role

Pokémon from field research:

fieldwork in Part 1: Wagon Turning with Lucia Hat Chitchat with Lucia Hat, Linda with Lucia Hat, Burma (sand mantle), Burma (rags cape) — Rare: Sheldon

fieldwork in Part 2: Turning with Lucius Hat Chitchat with Lucius Hat, Linda with Lucius Hat, Burma (plants cape), Burma (rags cape) — Rarely Larvae Craniums

The Community about the event

say Coach: In the social networks, the announcement comes this event good. Players look forward especially on the 7-km-eggs, which finally provide strong content with Role again. The further Lucio is popular as a battle Pokémon in the community. Through the Event eggs hope coach to earn a few strong copies. The mood at Reddit is good:

I look forward to it, to get Mime Jr. and hopefully slip some Roles. The rest is in order, says QuentynStark on Reddit
I m very excited because of the 7-km-eggs. Mime Jr. world? Role in km 7 eggs? Very hyped, says GhostsSoup on Reddit
I only see Role, hatch from km 7 eggs, and 1/2 Schlüpfdistanz between 16 and 21 Everything else is me at this event no matter, writes taken

The change with the 7-km-eggs was important because even in August 2021 called Coach: Changes the 7-km-eggs!

Some coaches wonder why special Pokémon such as Diet and Polka are not part of the event. After all, you can see them on the covers of new games around which the event turns. To do this, other trainers write that both coaches were present in summer for about a month and the developers probably decided to use them as a Raid boss at this event. How do you like the content for the event? Do you have something that you are especially looking forward too? Then your opinion writes us here on Mango in the comments.