Dead by Daylight fans are lucky — a new original DLC chapter has just been announced, and portrait of a murder looks absolutely terrifying. In a new trailer, Behavior Interactive presents the content of the new chapter: a new surreal killer, a new survivor full of resources and a desolate card that will transport the players in an abandoned cemetery in the middle of the desert.

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The stars of Portrait of a Murder are the artist, a brilliant but tormented Chilean painter formerly known as Carmine Morey, and Jonah Vasquez, a seasoned CIA scrubber. The two characters have some common points: they both have a Latin American heritage, they both devoted their lives in art and mathematics respectively, and they both seem to have been followed by the shadow of the Entity throughout their lives.

The new map, Forsaken Boneyard, takes place in a cemetery in the heart of the Chilean desert abandoned by all living beings. This is the place where Carmine Morey was taken away, his cuffs cut and his tongue removed. It is also the place where it has been saved by a legion of strange crows and was born again as an artist — and the place where Jonah Vasquez was attracted before he disappears from the world Living.

In the trailer, fans have a good overview of the models of artist s characters and Jonah Vasquez, while the Forsaken Banana of professed in the distance. The hands of the artist have been replaced by black claws in wire that could be composed of black mud, black paint or black blood, with a similar liquid dripping from his face and black eyes.

Portrait of a Murder Is Dead by Daylight returns to his roots: a story and an original world, taking place in the mystery, dark fantasy and fear explains Dave Richard, creative director of Dead by Daylight. New characters are also unique and diverse, which is part of our DNA and represents our base of players.

The video ends by showing the artist jumping high in the air and backing violently on a Jonah Vasquez lying. The final scenes show it above the camera, retreating a threatening hand in the way of Dead by Daylight Killer.

Dead by Daylight is currently available for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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