RPG for smartphones scheduled to be delivered within 2021 from Studio Z (SHAMAN KING Lobar Chronicle (commonly known as: Full). This time, prior to the release, I was able to play the version under development of this work. In this article, we will deliver the game system and the impression you play to everyone while retiring the basic information of Fum.fun.

※ The contents of the article are in the development stage. The official version and the contents may differ.

What kind of game is Shaman King Humor Chronicle ?

Shaman King March Chronicle (commonly known as: Funk) is a game for the first official smartphone for TV anime Shaman King.

The first fans, such as the function of the high quality 3D graphic that faithfully reproduced the world view of Shaman King, and the function that can be prepared for the story in Manga tic (manga tic) mode of the new sense, of course, Those who touch Shaman King are works that can be immersed in the world.

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Shaman King story can be changed with MANGA TIC !

First, let s introduce the main content of this work Torque Est.

In the story quest, you can track the story of the TV anime Shaman King while fighting with the original team organized by yourself.

I want to pay attention to the story Manga tic (Manga Tic) Mode.

Not only can you work with manga-style, but also the movement of the character, the expression of the character, and the expression, etc., and the story can be enjoyed in a new sense as if the manga and animation fused.

Familiar name The fans are a must-see, as the fierce battle between the scene and the shaman are completely reproduced by MANGA TIC.

Of course, it is possible to understand the story just by playing this work, and the feeling of immersive is also full, so it is recommended to touch Shaman King for the first time.

Episode that can deepen the charm of the character is also implemented!

Not only the story of the TV anime Shaman King but also one of the attractions of this work to enjoy the Fulfill original story.

It is found by raising the rarity Episodes for each character such as Form Episode or Snowplows Shoah Episode are also available.

These episodes are content that can not be drawn in the main story, and it is a content that can be deepened by a glimpse of characters that can not usually be seen.

By the way, Hitachi is like the degree of confidence with the character, organizing and challenging the quest, or tapping the spirits icon that appears in the Bed and Breakfast Flame.

Bed and Breakfasts Flame stayed at the character and gets rewards at the time of checkout, you can confirm the state of the character, and play with the spirit that appears, and it was full of healing elements and tired Please take a look at the time.

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Command selection battle that fights with prime work!

Next, let s introduce the battle of Funk.

This work is a turn type command selection battle. Choose a character from a number of shamans who appears in Shaman King, organize your own original team and challenge the battle.

The team can organize three main characters and two sub characters. In addition, up to 3 pieces of Vision card can be provided on each character. Vision card.

In the battle, every turn, Normal Attack, Dump, Domestic Actions will be selected from the command of the command.

This time is that it is as important as frustrating. Sorry for the purpose of navigating for work, it can be used to get a powerful attack by adding it to my mystery.

And the prawns are basically not recovering during the battle. Sometimes I need a strategy to say which enemies to use praise to use prawns, so I can enjoy the deep but deep battle.

Of course Auto function is also equipped, so it is safe to enjoy or enjoy it.

Direction of commitments expressed in 3D of power!

Another attention point in the battle is a commanded production that is expressed by 3D graphics.

Not only the expressions and movements of the character, as well as the production that faithfully reproduces Shaman King until the battle background is a must-see.

In my mystery, cut-in production is also available, and a great power battle can be enjoyed.

Basically, the battle will be able to enjoy the appearance of the high quality character in the production of high quality, so you can enjoy the appearance of the appearance of your favorite character.

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Many drawn illustrations appeared only!

Finally, let s introduce you to Fun Illustration and 3D Model.

In this work, characters and vision cards can be obtained by achieving geisha and missions. Among them, many Shaman s drawn illustrations that can only be tasted in this work are available.

From that name scene to dream situation, it s a great deal of illustrations anyway.

Also, from the character details screen, you can see the 3D model of the character and the spirit of the spirits.

The 3D model is 360° Glibly rotation, taps to check the movement.

In addition, you can set your favorite character on the home screen. This is also an illustration, it is switched with a 3D model, so I can see it at any time in my favorite character.


In this article, we have delivered the game system and charm of Shaman King Fumorchi Chronicle.

A story that can be challenged in a new sense MANGA TIC mode, 3D battle of incandescent battle that fights with the original team, attractive drawer illustrations, etc..

There are many attractions that could not be helped in this article, such as events and battle content, so if you are worried, let s prepare for the release and prepare for the release from the link below!

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App Overview

Title: Shaman KING Flipper Chronicle Genre: 1 Smartphone RPG Compatible OS: iOS / Android Price: Basic Play Free (Some app charges available) Delivery date: 2021 Scheduled official site: HTTPS: // Shaman king- Game.com/ Official Twitter: HTTPS: //twitter.com/shamanking game

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