There was definitely more for us, Braunschweig s coach Michael Schiele summarized the somewhat surprising 1: 2 home defeat against labor Wiesbaden, and explains: We made many mistakes that we just have to turn off. If this succeeds, then it will be a good game of us, the former Würzburg coach is safe.

Michael Schiele Kompakt

Return of the Climb Trainer

The 43-year-old, which stood at the labor Wiesbadens at the side line from 2017 to 2020, looks positively for his past in Bavaria: As a trainer, I had my greatest successes there in my recent past, especially with the promotion to the 2nd Bundesliga He look forward to many friends, but do not expect a bouquet. Finally, he got to know many nice people here in Braunschweig and Eintracht, feel good and above all have a task that you want to implement together. In Würzburg, the next part step should take place.

Offensive airheaness by Pourié

However, the sound of the native Heidenheimer will not be easy. They brought seven points from three games under the new coach and thus developed self-confidence, arranges the development of the upcoming opponent under Danny black one. Particularly dangerous are the labor Wiesbadens in the air: With Tobias Krautig and Marvin Pourié last two players met after the same patterns. Heritage for standard situations, Pourié was found over the wings in the box. For this purpose, the strong outside David Kopacz and Robert Herrmann also contribute, to which his defensive next to the Goal Hawder Pourié must pay particular attention. We have to be well on everything, calls Schiele from his team.

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With returnees and peace to success

This means that he also means the two returnees Jomaine Constress and Danilo Wiebe, who both had missed in the last game. Both could return to Würzburg in the starting eleven, which could also systematically adapt the Schiele compared to the preferred 4-2-3-1: The approach with two storms on the weekend has given us opportunities. The approach with actions out of the triple Cat has effect shown. We have pressed, but unfortunately the second goal did not make. Since we have to become quieter.

Become quieter and stop the mistakes – that s Schieles motto: We have solutions for that in mind. He will also need this. Because – with all friendly memory – one is clear for the Braunschweig exercise manager: We want to come home with something countable.