With Real Madrid he has already won the Champions League twice and became twice of Spanish champions. Now Marco Asensio could actually draw into the football league. According to Spanish media reports, BVB should be on the real star.

At the Royal, Asensio has not to order too much under the returned head coach Carlo Ancelotti. Not a single mandatory game in the current season was allowed to deny the 25-year-old for over 90 minutes, once again three times in the current playing time ran from the beginning for the Spanish record champion.

Asensio has long since lost his punch on Vinicius Junior, which is now one of the grandons in the team in the Real Jersey.

According to a recent report of El Nacional, it could come to an escape from Madrid in the summer, Asensio should still not be out of his status as a noble joker. According to information from the medium, there are concrete interest from the English Premier League, from the Italian series A and from the German Bundesliga on the 26-color Spanish international.

Interest from the Bundesliga should assume BVB. And according to the Dortmund, according to the report, even the best chances of eating asensio can actually go away from the Madrilen.

Borussia Dortmund will NEVER win the league if they can’t beat Bayern Munich – Laurens | ESPN FC

Assio probably at the BVB, Juve and Liverpool on the note

The advantage over the other top prospects, which are supposed to be Juventus Turin, AC Milan and the FC Liverpool, from the perspective of Dortmund is that the Black Yellow for years has been excellent relations with the Spanish capital.

Again and again it came in the recent past to deals between the two clubs, currently the real-talent Reinier is under contract in his second season at the BVB as a loaner.

Well imaginable so that the frustrated Marco Assio could take the Dortmund escape in winter and at least for half a year an air change is aimed at. However, the BVB should prevail the report against the financially strong competition from Liverpool and Turin, which could even adopt a fixed transfer of the offensive player.

The speculation around the timely future Asensios is likely to be significantly started in the coming weeks.