Forza Horizon 3 is an electric motor auto racing computer game developed by Play area Gamings for Microsoft Windows and also Xbox One platforms, modified by Microsoft Studios, launched on September 27, 2016. A totally free trial has actually been offered given that September 12, 2016. It follows the game Forza Horizon 2, launched in September 2014. The basic concept is to obtain races to acquire new cars and trucks as well as expand Perspective events. It is also possible to play numerous with several game mode apart from races. However, numerous gamers (particularly those transmitting video clips on YouTube) have adapted a font style mode vs burglars, created as well as based upon the duty of duty.

The game industry will pamper us this year with some blockbusters, for example, Forza Horizon 5, Guardians of the Galaxy and Battlefield 2042. However, for simulation fans and hobby farmers, it will also be exciting, after all, with the Agriculture Simulator 22, the next large version jump of the successful SIM Series.

We were a guest at Giants Software in Erlangen and could play a well-advanced version. In it, we have inspected all new features and also thrown an eye on the optimized lighting system.

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Agriculture meets transport simulation

The version we played leads us to the new card Haut-Beyleron. The area is French and became during which the card Haut-Stehleron also includes a small, French stake. Source: Giants Gamescom presented in August. Our version is a bit further advanced than the well-known trade fair demo. For example, we already examine an almost final lighting system.

The basic principle has always been the same. You will be thrown on a small farm. With the few appliances you have, your few fields and drive the return to the highest bidder. Matches of money then buy new devices, buildings, animals or fields for the yard.

For example, grapes are processed into grape juice in the production facilities. Source: Giants are left to you as you are concerned. If you prefer the field, now yes, backen, then specialize in plants. New are olives and vines come with matching fields or hanging. If you prefer to keep animals, you build cow, horse or chickenery. Even biogas plants are now included for the environmentally conscious peasants in the game.

But it is in LS22 (Buy Now 38.99 € / 39.99 €) There is not a conclusion yet, because one of the big innovations are the numerous production facilities. Thus, the simulator gets bonds of a transport simulation. Anyone who does not just want to tip his agricultural products to the dealer simply buys a production facility – assuming the necessary change.

With the seasons, fresh wind comes into play. Source: Giants then, for example, your grain does not provide the dealer, but to the mill. The flour then then drive her to the local baker. This is a nice extension of the gameplay, which is mainly interesting for multiplayers, as a group is taking care of the fields and another by maintaining productions.

In the end, it is only an extension of the production process, for which a little more coal jumps out. Visual changes in the game world how to find them from true transport simulations, there is no activation of the industry.

All year in the LS22

However, changes are held, which brings us to the second great innovation of the LS22: the seasons. So far, you always stayed in eternal summer, now the leaves on the trees are also colorful until sometime the snow falls.

The whole thing is expected in days. By default, a year in the game has twelve days. Every day represents a month. As a result, the transition of the seasons is fluent, but one recognizes a difference between the individual days.

You also need to adapt your agriculture to the seasons, because finally, not much growing in winter. For this, the game provides you with a clear calendar on which you can read exactly what when grows. You miss it to harvest within the times, rips your fruit.

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The helper menu has not yet been introduced, but on the map you can discover the KI support but already. [Source: Giants]

By Carlo Siebenhuner

29.10.2021 at 12:32



Preview: Production Chains in Farming Simulator 22

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