Many fans have been theorizing about Marvel s Spider-Man and Miles Morales, but an artist has left this behind for Create a personalized dualsense with game reasons.

In addition, now that Marvel s Spider-Man 2 has finally been announced, it is a perfect time to join both games, waiting for the sequel and with a shocking Venom on the touch panel.

Both Marvel s Spider-Man and Marvel s Spider-Man: Miles Morales have influenced and marked an icon at PS4 and PS5. And good example of this are these fan creations in console accessories.

The personalization of controls is not something out of the ordinary, especially because the previous deliveries of Spider-Man by insomniac Games have been available in both consoles.

But with the sequel being in development for PlayStation 5, a user has taken advantage of to create a dualsense with motives of trailer where a first glance of the game was offered.

Through Reddit, a video was shared by customizing the PS5 command, first whole and after the top disassembled.

Alessandro Vincenti, responsible for creation, also has another personalized control, but this time it has been for Xbox series X | S.

50 CUSTOM PS5 DUALSENSE Controller Designs (& Tutorial)

The Dualsense de Vincenti is inspired by this trailer of Marvel s Spider-Man 2 during the September PlayStation Showcase, where Insomniac anticipated Venom.

With two symmetrical sides to different colors and with cobwebs, the protagonism of Peter Parker and Miles Morales is represented ; p eRo what gives the touch is the design of Venom on the touch panel.

Finally, Vincenti gives the final touch showing a dualsense red, black and white, with a bright color palette and iconography of the saga created by Insomniac Games.

But what s more, through the website of the VincentiscusTom artist, you can buy this personalized dualsense with motifs from Marvel s Spider-Man.

At a price of 130 euros, the artist claims to have used -only materials of maximum quality, guaranteeing complete resistance to sweat, scratches and sunlight.

Although some fans are worried because the design ends up erased little by little, Vincenti makes it clear that this will not happen. Did you like dualsense from Marvel s Spider-Man 2 ?

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