Downloadable web content (DLC) is added web content produced for an already released video game, dispersed with the Internet by the game s publisher. It can either be included for no extra cost or it can be a kind of computer game money making, allowing the publisher to acquire extra revenue from a title after it has been bought, commonly using some type of microtransaction system.
DLC can range from cosmetic material, such as skins, to brand-new in-game material such as personalities, levels, settings, as well as bigger developments that might have a mix of such web content as an extension of the base game. In some games, numerous DLC (including future DLC not yet released) may be bundled as part of a period pass — normally at a discount in contrast to buying each DLC individually.
While the Dreamcast was the initial home console to sustain DLC (albeit in a limited form as a result of equipment and also internet connection limitations), Microsoft s Xbox console and also Xbox Live platform aided to popularize the concept. Because the seventh generation of computer game consoles, DLC has been a common function of most significant computer game systems with net connectivity.
Since the popularization of microtransactions in online circulation systems such as Heavy steam, the term DLC has come to be an associated for any form of paid material in video games, no matter of whether they comprise the download of new content. Additionally, this resulted in the production of the oxymoronic term on-disc DLC for content consisted of on the game s initial files, yet secured behind a paywall.

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Ghost of Tsushima: Director s CUT (before € 79.95, now € 59.95)

The masterpiece of sucker punch reaches PlayStation 5 in a remastered version that incorporates the expansion of Iki Island, the cooperative mode online Legends, Digital illustration book, Comments from the Director and many more extras.

Incarnating Jin Sakai You will have to repel a Mongol invasion at the thirteenth century, resorting to all your ability with the Katana and even renouncing bushid or, the honor code of the Samurai, to become a stealthy assassin: The Ghost. Only in Game you can take home also an exclusive poster.

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Marvel s Spider-Man: Miles Morales (before € 59.95, now € 44.95)

With Peter Parker outside the city, the responsibility to protect Manhattan falls on the apprentice, Miles Morales. A new spider-man for a completely new adventure, where you will see the faces with a new remittance of Classic Marvel Villains.

Discover and enhance the new thousands skills while you go overcome missions in a new York recreated with millimeter precision and unlock amazing suits. Only in Game you can also get an exclusive DLC that includes two extra suits.

Get Marvel s Spider-Man: Miles Morales in Game for only € 44.95

Marvel s Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Edition (before € 79.95, now € 59.95)

Can there be something better to embody thousands of morals? Yes, take home this Ultimate Edition, which also includes the Marvel s Spider-Man remastered for PlayStation 5. Two games in one, in a combo that will make you climb on the walls.

In addition to deploying a fully improved graphic section, according to the possibilities of PS5, the Ultimate Edition includes the three extra chapters of the city that never sleeps, along with an exclusive Game DLC.

Get Marvel s Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Edition in Game for only € 59.95

RATCHET & CLANK: A separate dimension (before € 79.95, now € 59.95)

The Revolution It reaches the gender of platforms of the hand of the hand of the PlayStation SSD and the talent of Insomniac Games. The Doctor Nefarous has opened a dimensional gap that will separate RATCHET and CLANK to make them live your most ambitious adventure to date.

The ultra-fast access of the SSD will allow you jumping from one dimension to another in the blink of an eye while you know new characters and we arms to the teeth. An authentic technical prodigy that, only in Game, is accompanied in addition to an exclusive DLC.

Get Ratchet & Clank: A separate dimension in Game for only € 59.95

RURNAL (before € 79.95, now € 59.95)

The FRENETICO SHOOTER ROGUELITE DE HOUSEMARQUE has fallen in love with the press and players from all over the planet with its spectacular fusion of adventure in third person, shootings to the purest style Bullet Hell and one Surprising plot.

Get ready to know hell on the surface of the planet Strokes, ending with waves of enemies while trying to solve the mystery that is hidden behind the temporary loop that will revive you every time you die. You have not seen anything like anything else. And only in Game you can also take you an exclusive DLC.

Get Rental in Game for only 59,95 €

Demon s Souls (before € 79.95, now € 59.95)

BLUEPOINT GAMES Resurrects the classic of fromSoftware to offer one of the elders Visual Shows of the PlayStation catalog 5. The game that started everything The Souls phenomenon will transport you to one Boletaria more sinister and overwhelming than ever, while you face simply amazing creatures.

Will you be able to get into the mist caused by the excessive ambition of King Allant and the appearance of the elderly ? Demon s Souls is a real tour of Force in which PlayStation 5 displays all your graphic muscle to create an experience you will never forget.

Get demon s Souls in Game for only € 59.95

Nioh Collection (before € 79.95, now € 59.95)

If you are looking for a good challenge, here you have two, in a combo as explosive as overwhelming. Enjoy the two deliveries of the NiOH saga, remastered for PlayStation 5 and with all the additional contents published to date.

NIOH COLLECTION includes three extra chapters of the first installment (the North Dragon, Honor, the End of the Massacre) and The DLCs of the Sequel (the Disciple of Tengu and Benumbra in the capital). An authentic combo of action and adventure that will make your dualsense surprising.

Get Nioh Collection in Game for only € 59.95

SACKBOY: an adventure to the big (before € 69.95, now € 54.95)

The Titans of Sumo Digital rescued the charming Sackboy of Littlebigplanet to make him protagonist of one of the more fun and surprising platforms of the last years. Get new suits or create your own designs, combining pieces, while you overcome different worlds, alone or in the company of friends.

Get ready to stay without speech with the delirious fusion of music with the design of levels S, from licensed topics. An authentic show that no one should lose. By acquiring the game in Game you can also get a digital comic created by Dark Horse Comics.

Get Sackboy: an adventure in Game for only € 54.95

Destruction AllStars (before 19.95 €, now € 14.95)

An explosive multiplayer arcade for PlayStation 5 at a demolition price. Choose between 16 characters and link to A relentless online competition Facing players from all over the planet, in which you will have to destroy the vehicles of your rivals in different stadiums.

Each of the characters has their own skills, designed to provoke the greatest damage in the rest of competitors. Everything is worth in order to conquer the Global Destruction Federation Cup. Ready to unleash chaos?

Get Destruction Allstars in Game for only € 14.95