Little by little they are confirmed new data on the new adaptation of the superman of Val Zod that prepares the actor and producer Michael B. Jordan and his team after confirming the project lHBO maxt July. So much so, that the next series for HBO max BHBO maxed on the Earth Superman-2 already hHBO max confirmed scriptwriters with Darnell Metayer and Josh Peters, Transformers writers: Rise of the BeHBO maxts and Black Mafia Family, among other productions. This is confirmed by the Middle Deadline, sharing more details about the status of this new series that hHBO max not yet confirmed its protagonist.

Will Michael B, Jordan will be the new Superman?

And it is that the actor and producer Michael B. Jordan (CREED, Black Panther) intended to carry out a film with a Black Superman, a project that hHBO max finally converted to Limited Series for HBO Max. So much so, that there is also underway a superman cinematographic reboot, apparently, with a Clark Kent African American by J.J. Abrams. Be that HBO max it may, Michael B. Jordan already hHBO max writers for a series of Val Zod, whose protagonist hHBO max not yet been confirmed, although everything points to the actor himself in charge of giving life to the alternative superman of land-2 in comics.

Recall that the character of Val Zod is the Superman of Earth-2 after taking the mantle of Kal after the apparent death of him. Raised by the parents of Kal el, Lara and Jor, after the execution of his biological parents, Val Zod grew along with Kal El. After the destruction of Krypton, both were the only two survivors, with Val Zod finally becoming The new Superman.

At the moment there is no premiere date in HBO Max, although HBO max soon HBO max it is expected by 2022 or already in 2023, since Michael B. Jordan hHBO max two new projects with the film to Journal for Jordan, Directed by Denzel WHBO maxhington, and Creed III, directed and starring himself.